Is it your birthday today 14th June?


Born on 14th June….Happy Birthday!

This is another day with obvious talent, and again the Gemini determination dominates. Take a pleasing manner, courtesy, a good body, add a touch of loner and a sprinkle of travel bug and you get the recipe for a popular dish. Those born today have a problem with commitment, simply because they love to travel, often living in different countries and this doesn’t lend itself to domesticity. There’s a strong likelihood they’ll be bachelors or spinsters because of this. But hey, this character won’t necessarily think that’s bad. Just as long as enough effort is made to keep a good circle of close friends going.

People born on this day can do without sex for periods of time, but again it’s necessary to remain receptive. Because solitude doesn’t suit. Although June 14 makes an excellent parent, often becoming their adult child’s best friend, many will be happy without children. It always means they are better off, for starters. And they can set up a business, or try financial speculation without worrying.

The prospect of wealth is very real. Money usually comes from personal interests. A talent for computers may bring success – it’s where fast fortunes are currently made. But this character needs to sit down, and concentrate hard on a window in this market. Fortunes can also be made in retail – Gemini’s talent for pleasing people again. Great cooks have been born on this day and we all know that a winning personality combined with a fetching recipe, say for walnut salad, something which catches the fancy, can put you amongst the current crop of high society chefs. Remember, nobody needs a high society background to learn how to please the moneyed and titled. In fact it’s preferable not to have one, so that you can’t feel bullied by the little signs of class these people swear by – because you don’t know what they are in the first place.

Body: The key to success for June 14 is to eliminate uncertainty, which can cause genuine woe. Dr Edward Bach sought flowers in the hedgerows of England and Wales during the 1930s and the result was his Bach flower remedies, now widely available and widely used. If they don’t work for you, it ho dly matters as they are inexpensive. But they may be just the ticket and you’ll be hooked for life. For uncertainty try a few drops of gentian (Gentianella amarella) in a glass of water. Gentian is for those who are easily discouraged, in whom small delays may cause hesitation, despondency and self-doubt.

Mind: Walnut salad is easy and will clear June 14’s head. Use walnut halves and crumbled cooked bacon. Toss into lettuce leaves, sliced mushroom and diced mild cheddar cheese with a well-flavoured vinaigrette dressing.

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