Is it your birthday today 16th June?


Born on 16th June….Happy Birthday!

Rather quiet and certainly thoughtful, this character is struck by the beauty of the world and deeply aware of the vastness of the turning universe. Generally this individual is not interested in material things, although their naturally studious nature can mean they understand the world’s money markets and some play the stock market extremely well.

They may also make millions if they market their own interests, often utilising their computer knowledge or the simple inventor’s streak which is common to Gemini. June 16 frequently takes refuge in books and this is a birth date which resorts to poetry – often writing it very successfully – to express feelings. Sometimes when they read a familiar phrase they are so struck by its beauty they are reduced to tears. And similarly with music, which they often adore, they are so personally moved by its familiarity that it feels like they wrote it themselves.

Both sexes use poetry and music to woo a mate, and their burning soul means that they like to mate for life. Crossed in love they may pine to the point of illness. If things don’t go right, they may choose never to marry and resign themselves to the contemplative pleasures of the bachelor state. Both sexes like to spend time haunting old churches, where they light candles for all their friends and sit for hours enjoying the peaceful calm.

Some may even be drawn to the religious life, which can suit their quiet desire to understand the workings of the world. June 16 is ideally suited to life in the country rather than harsh crowded urban environments. They need the open spaces and skies and an ideal choice of profession for this birth date would be a country teacher or librarian. And for the slightly more sociable, the lure of a village post office and its involvement and service to community life may be overwhelming.

Body: Many people born on this day worry about their health and tend to visit the doctor more than their friends. Yet doctors frequently don’t have a solution for June 16, whose aches and pains often derive from spiritual upset. It may be best to develop an interest in alternative healing, which will fascinate this individual, if nothing else. They should consider trying some of the remedies suggested by the extraordinary healer Dr Edward Bach, now available in many health stores.

Mind: June 16 should avoid a tendency to morbid thoughts and pessimism. Concentrate on the fine writing and music you so enjoy and remember the generosity of spirit that inspired people to write these things for you.

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