Is it your birthday today 17th June?


Born on 17th June….Happy Birthday!

June 17 people make fine planners. Domestically they like to sit down a make a list, which they will then stick to, extolling themselves all the while for their efficiency and others’ lack of it. But this means they are perfect to go on holiday with – if you can stand it. And why shouldn’t you be pleased to accompany this star on its organised journey through the universe, never without Elastoplast, the right money and a well worked out route?

In numerology, those born on the 17th are ruled by the number 8 (1+7=8) and by the planet Saturn, which carries a serious aspect. The number 8 straddles conflict between the material and spiritual worlds and those ruled by this number are often leaders of people, with profoundly held political or patriotic views and are happy to sacrifice a social life for the lonelier path of those who are born to change things.

Generally they make inspiring partners. Nothing is dull around June 17 and those who love them frequently take on their views. This individual also inspires fierce protectiveness. In some cases people will actually die for them. In other cases, companions will make every excuse under the sun and moon to exonerate beloved June 17 from every fault. Life can be difficult, because both sexes may fly in the face of society endangering those around them with their political, religious and artistic beliefs. Less inspired individuals can be tricky because their wayward behaviour may be anti-social, bordering sometimes on the criminal.

As parents and lovers they are usually extremely caring, tender with anyone who is unhappy, or unsure, and tender too with people who are not so clever and prefer a life of simpler pleasures. June 17 love their children, whatever they do, and will usually be particularly attentive to elderly relatives and friends, and although this character may prefer the solitary life, others who need companionship will be looked after.

Body: Because of their strong nature, this person has strong desires and often little time and energy to control them. They may use alcohol or other drugs to keep themselves going, chain-smoke or on occasions simply eat in an absent-minded sort of way. In youth they exhibit extreme physical and mental stamina, but even the toughest mortal breaks down under such a harsh lifestyle. June 17 tends to regard natural born strength as a sign of starry immortality. But without care the body will rebel and then this particular date will then be agonised with frustration.

Mind: Try not to be so rigid about every aspect of life. If something about you inconveniences others, change it. Consider the 1960s Fijian cricketer, who thoughtfully changed his name from Ilikena Lasurusa Talebuhlamaineiilikenamainav-aleniveivakabulaimainakulalak-ebalau to I L Bula. Sensibly.

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