Is it your birthday today 18th June?


Born on 18th June….Happy Birthday!

These are people pleasers. The good companion June 18 puts others before himself, which may often be an attractive characteristic, but some women born on this day take their pliability to the point where they are a pain in the back pocket. Constantly taking decisions for other people is tiresome in the extreme. The generosity of spirit common to most of these people makes them sensitive in love and supportive to others, including their own children and work colleagues. Indeed these individuals are usually so seductive that they are hard to ignore.

Their enviable energy, speed of thought and the quicksilver charm in communicating these thoughts, so characteristic of the best of Gemini, see to that. This super sparkling dish comes lightly frosted with stardust. But greedy admirers beware, June 18 is short on patience with flatterers and twitterers, who will probably find that the embarrassed subject of their admiration has zoomed off. In fact this creature is as shy as a tiger with a full stomach and shrinks into the undergrowth away from the spotlight of stardom. It’s worth remembering this at work, because the role of team member will always be preferred to team leader. Speed may be a characteristic, but this doesn’t mean that punctuality results.

June 18 thinks time is on his or her side and nothing surprises this creature more than exactly how long things really take. People born today are ruled by the planet Mercury and can therefore move very effectively from one place to the other. But they dally with diversions on the way and are then astonished to be late. These individuals don’t much like solitude and are happiest messing around with crowds of friends. They are also extremely good with their hands, so messing about in boats with crowds of friends will keep them happy, or any other creative group activity, such as flower arranging, building theatres or commercial design.

Body: Gemini hands are sometimes vulnerable to aches and pains, general stiffness and rough skin, which comes with the hard work most people born under this sign inflict on their hands. A soothing hand massage helps fingers to stay supple, but more than that, it encourages your whole body to feel more relaxed and cared for. And some say that a hand massage helps them recover from mild illness. Use two or three drops of lavender, bergamot or rose oil in a base of two teaspoons of camellia oil, which does not oxidise and therefore your mixture will keep longer without going rancid.

Mind: Sometimes everything makes you nervous and each day seems a minefield. Most things aren’t worth the upset. Put them in an imaginary briefcase, dump them by the side of an imaginary road – and walk away

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