Is it your birthday today? 23rd August


Born today on the 23rd, August

This is another lucky date. August 23 people tend to swing through life, getting a few things wrong here, solving them there, but the clouds that overshadow some of their days are small, with lavish silver linings. Somehow or other this individual always seems to be able to lay his or her hands on just enough money to sort out their latest need. Thanks to enormous adaptability in the job market. Firstly, they aren’t fussy about choosing a career, as long as the surroundings are nice and the money’s OK. They may often arrive in a job via friends or relatives, happy to have an opening found for them and a helpful senior eye kept on them. They are therefore attractive to older would-be mentors who like an enthusiastic pupil who can see the point of a chain of command. Many therefore end up inheriting or taking over a business just because they have been loyal. Both sexes may have a flare for technology which makes them particularly useful, especially as they are privately interested in it and will have state of the art equipment at home. Even elderly men and women born on this day have a facility for computers and can understand how to manipulate them with greater ease than others who are half their age. They fall in love easily, or maybe it’s lust? August 23 often can’t tell the difference, partly because they are suckers for other people’s good looks, adore lots of uncomplicated sex – they like having the base of their spine rubbed – and they are too kind to say ‘no’. This may lead to periods of intense juggling with several partners on the go. The women will try to fix up unwanted admirers with girlfriends. The men may simply decide that the telephone bill is absurdly high, pick one partner, propose to her and shoo the others away.

Body: Too many hours at the computer can bring ‘screen blur’, which is an extremely good natural reminder to take remedial action for your eyes. The antidote is to place your thumb in front of your eyes in line with a distant object. Keep eyes concentrated on the thumb, but noticing without changing your focus how blurry other things are in the distance. Pick a distant object, then zoom your focus into it and observe how blurry the thumb appears relative to it. Look closely at the thumb, noticing how clear it looks. This exercise promotes quick focusing of the eye muscles and helps relieve strain.

Mind: In numerology, August 23 is ruled by the number 5 (2+3=5) and by planet Mercury, ruler of Virgo which starts tomorrow. A cusp creature, you share Virgo’s speedy thinking, attraction to exciting people and strength of purpose.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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