Is it your birthday today 19th June?


Born on 19th June….Happy Birthday!

June 19 works too hard. Amusing, sweet and clever, this character finds it almost impossible to relax, can’t get to grips with the concept of doing nothing. But human beings are meant to do nothing at least some of the time. At home both sexes are always on the go, inducing appalling guilt in more indolent companions. If they could lighten up a little bit, this puritan work ethic can be extremely useful, especially if June 19 wants to run an independent business.

This creature is beloved of bosses all over the land. You can find them working late everywhere, the only person left in a brightly-lit office, with a sea of dark night around them. They will devise clever schemes, logically constructed and practical. They will steer projects through impossible deadlines with their above-average stamina and concentration. But in most cases, June 19 would be happier running his or her own business, where the results of Herculean energies bring personal benefit. Why bother putting so much into somebody else’s company, when the only reward is at that company’s discretion?

This psychology is particularly suited to working at home, or starting up on his own, because June 19 doesn’t suffer from isolation – indeed very often actively enjoys time spent alone. And, although those born on this day do have the troubled streak common to Gemini, they are particularly self-aware and have learned to control it. Because this creature is unhappy with idle hands, quite complicated hobbies are popular. Nothing delights them more than amateur archaeology, sleuthing Anglo-Saxon village sites and Roman roads, birdwatching with carefully kept records, or indeed a strong and useful campaign for the environment. If you don’t want a road built where rare orchids grow and you do want the river to be clean enough for baby trout to survive, this is the person to have on your side.

Body: If you can’t relax by lying down, try cooking, which is enjoyable, productive (important to June 19) and soothing. Learn about the ancient properties of so many fresh ingredients and you will make things taste delicious and do some good. Did you know, for instance, that garlic not only gives food spin and scares vampires, but also, eaten raw, acts as a powerful antibiotic? Other traditional therapeutic qualities attributed to garlic include keeping hearts healthy by lowering blood cholesterol and acting as a decongestant. A garlic soup made from 50-100 cloves is an enormous help when suffering from the common cold.

Mind: Avoid stress because it will induce negative feelings about your very considerable talents. Make sure you attend sufficiently to your surroundings at home, because living in an attractive place is particularly important to your well-being.

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