Is it your birthday today? 20th June


Born on 20th June….Happy Birthday!

There may be magic in the eyes and hands of this character, but is it the black sort or the white? Sometimes June 20 is irrational and emotional and in both sexes there’s an underlying instability which most grow out of in adolescence. But if they are mishandled in childhood – not loved enough – the crackle in the air around June 20 becomes as dangerous as a faulty electric cable. They wear charisma like a tailor-made cloak. No man or woman can resist the magnetic force field and nobody can feel neutral about this person.

At work they may seduce their way to the top. Both sexes use flattering trickery to get on, happily doing Christmas shopping for a boss, much better and more imaginatively than he would. Both sexes will also enhance the personal diary of anybody who can help them get on, procuring treasured theatre tickets, delivering and fetching clothes from the dry cleaners. If they could sit on the lavatory for their boss, you know they would. At parties they flit from one to another, their eyes constantly flickering towards the door in a desperate search for someone they are afraid to miss. Yet all the while June 20 is the one with the magic and the sadness is that uncertainty, that old instability of judgement, makes them unaware of it.

Once master of these personal powers, however, they make exciting leaders with a force field everybody wants to get inside. In this situation, the almost visionary powers of this individual radiate. June 20 is ultra-sensitive to emotion and extremely empathetic. Sometimes they use these qualities so well that they really do seem to create magic. Their generous character traits usually mean they use these powers to do well. But a few are born without concern for others, and this may emphasise the dark side of their star. These people can be destructive.

Body: This individual is vulnerable to upset stomachs, making him or her nervous of travel, or indeed, just going out. Observe key hygiene rules in the kitchen, to ensure that you are eating safely. Keep all work surfaces scrupulously clean and wash all utensils and chopping boards after they have come into contact with raw meat, poultry or eggs, to prevent cross-contamination. Wash hands before preparing food. Wash all fruit and vegetables. Leave washing-up to drain. It’s more hygienic than using a tea-towel, although a dishwasher is best. Remember to defrost the fridge regularly and don’t overload it or leave the door open for long.

Mind: Sometimes the sense of unreality is so overwhelming it causes a range of reactions from nerves to panic attacks. Try a few drops of Rescue Remedy in a glass of water. Many people swear by the calming effect

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