Is it your birthday today? 25th August



Born today on the 25th, August

You always feel you want to watch where August 25 is going, because it’s bound to be interesting and you may want to follow. These people are at their best when they don’t cultivate this aura to the point where it’s divisive. A few schoolgirls practise excluding games, pointedly stopping a classmate sharing a lunch table, or not inviting her to their parties. And of course boys do it too. Both sexes can take this habit into adult life and the workplace, where they may actively encourage – though difficult to pin down – little outings to bars with one or two colleagues left out. Since August 25 is always the invited one, the charmed circle leader, he sees no reason to change. Unless it’s put to them in the name of kindness, when there will be a great deal of sighing and loud complaints followed by an invitation given in bad grace and ten times as embarrassing and hurtful as the previous situation. Less than brilliant behaviour such as this usually mediates against promotion, but not always. Everybody has come across the baby-faced game player boss. Usually these individuals fall hard, without the slightest idea why. If a patient and respected senior friend does criticise, then self-interest and embarrassment at being detected may induce August 25 to change its ways. The good side of this capacity to make people feel privileged just by being with you, is that August 25 is brilliant at running small businesses, often paying little to staff, but keeping everybody going on the petrol of loyalty, praise and creative group thinking. If they run a restaurant – many are fab cooks – where the plates don’t match because they can’t afford to buy them, it will seem to be the stylish thing to do. And if there’s cheap lino on the floor, then lino will be the most fashionable restaurant flooring of the moment.

Body: Sometimes August 25 is plain puzzled by his and her quick anger, impatience with others and vague feelings of envy. Some of the Bach Flower remedies collected by Dr. Edward Bach from English hedgerows in the 1930s have been distilled specifically for such problems and many find they work well. Holly (Ilex aquifolium) sorts negative feelings such as envy, jealousy, suspicion, revenge and hatred. And impatiens (Impatiens glandulifera) for people who are as quick-witted as these Mercury-ruled creatures are often impatient. (None of these remedies should be used where medical treatment is required, when a psychiatrist or physician should be called.)

Mind: August 25 is as prey to health myths as a feather in the wind. Let’s dispel two. Honey is just a collection of sugars and is not a healthy alternative sweetener. The only difference between white and brown sugar is the taste.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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