Is it your birthday today 21st June?


Born on 21st June….Happy Birthday!

This is another highly sexed date, but there is nothing frivolous about these individuals and they seek a mate with similar intellectual tastes to themselves. June 21 likes to hang out with close friends, happiest sitting in a pub or club, drinking, flirting and above all talking, far into the night. Revolutionary thinking is a powerful characteristic.

The Tarot is important here, because the 21st card of the Major Arcana is The World, which shows a goddess running, and holding energy-giving rods. She has unlimited power, and in her lies truth. Those born on this day are famously seekers of truth, will not accept conventional ideas until they be re-examined, and may strive to live their own lives by a new set of truths. Some people show extreme bravery and strength of purpose, whether they simply choose to live in a way others condemn, or to overturn corruption and tyranny.

An unfortunate few can be tedious, spotting non-existent problems, and being so studiedly unconventional that everybody gives a sigh of relief when they are gone. Their sensuosity can also be a pain in the metaphorical bum. Not everybody wants to spend the whole time talking about sex, then doing it, then talking about it some more. And not everybody wants to experiment, preferring to make love in the old, pleasurable, ordinary ways that have delighted humans since the stars first sparkled down on them.

June 21 can’t understand this and is given to outbursts about other people’s prudery. They are at their best working in teams, where their energy and direct thinking make them excellent leaders. In a more creative, solitary life, they can be extremely content and self-confident. They are often not so good in areas where they have to deal with other people’s problems. They can be dictatorial and get nasty if those in their care, for instance, fail to take their advice.

Body: The intense work ethic of June 21 often produces tired eyes, especially working on a computer. Take care of your eyes by looking at colour, in particular go out and look at the colours in nature. Walk through the countryside, or into a garden and study the flowers. Yellow, orange and red are warming and stimulating. The flow of blood to the eye is activated by studying these colours. Green is harmonising, which is why you feel good near lush vegetation and trees. Blue, violet and magenta are relaxing. All of them de-stress your nervous system and make you see better.

Mind: Counteract your flashes of anger by taking a few moments away from any stress which is revving the mind. No need to walk away, just think yourself away to a favourite place with happy memories.

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