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Born today on the 26th, August

People born today often value their friends, of either sex, more than family or lovers. Capable of depths of feeling, they are serial fallers in love/lust. In many cases it will be somebody close to home, a friend’s partner, a friend’s brother or sister, because they are quite mentally lazy and feel safer as part of the social patchwork. What makes August 26 sad, and others too, is that he and she just can’t help falling out of love again. They dream of an endless partnership stretching through the future. Some achieve it. But many simply veer off. In the end, they prefer to spend time with close friends, sometimes living with a bunch of people or family. Often they simply enjoy life alone, as do many more people each year in this country. But both sexes try to stay friendly with ex-lovers and many succeed extremely well. When August 26 has children, there is no sudden falling out of love. The children are at the centre of their universe. They will move mountains to be with them, earn money for them, making any sacrifice needed. They talk to their children endlessly about every adult topic in the world and very much want them to enjoy the pleasure of books. Children born to such parents manage very well within what is usually a split family and grow up happy, well-balanced and charming individuals. At work this person is an excellent colleague and responsive team member, often extremely generous about another’s talents and will frequently help that person and contribute to their success, rejecting thanks and shrinking from the spotlight. August 26 may be elusive, but being such magical people, there are moments spent with this soaring meteor when the satellites who can bear to be near feel they will be taken up in the flight. And nothing is ever quite the same again. It’s just that they are more desired than desiring.

Body: Many August 26 people are prone to exhaustion and when they are run down can be prone to all sorts of minor infections. Potent baths help relaxation and stimulate circulation, a common Virgo problem. Ginger is a traditional Japanese remedy for fatigue, thought to speed up metabolism. Grate one large. Ginger root, then squeeze gratings through a piece of cheesecloth. Add juice to a hot bath and soak for 20 minutes. A more extraordinary sake bath -but good – is prepared by adding 2 litres of the rice alcohol to bath. Soak for as long as possible. Makes skin soft and smooth.

Mind: People will be attracted to you and it is not their fault. It probably won’t be possible to give the devotion they require, but kindness, not emotional rejection, is the best course.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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