Is it your birthday today 22nd June?


Born on 22nd June….Happy Birthday!

Romantic June 22 often gets carried away by a need for intensity. They fear boredom unless something amazing is happening most days. Such ethereal creatures always delight in surprises, often unconsciously demand them and lovers frequently try too hard to please. June 22 may be a thrilling sex bomb, but partners know that their blow-hot, blow-cold birth date, born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp, can have the attention span of a tadpole. Some provide their own adventures.

The entertainment industry nourishes their thirst for theatrical life and provides the highs and lows which give this drama queen a buzz. In the countryside, expect to find fireworky June 22 sorting a major community project. (Most don’t like minor occasions; only those with the Canceremini solitary streak.) Some people have a logical streak and those who do like to organise such things as voyages or expeditions, where there’s just a smidgeonette of danger. Food will be planned carefully, nothing heavy, nothing starchy, but delicacies cooked with fruits and unusual spices.

Don’t be cross if June 22 gives you a lump of rock for your birthday rather than expensive toys. Don’t chuck it in the garden. Put it on the mantelpiece. To this individual a piece of quartz found on the beach is lovelier than any man-made thing. And cheaper. June 22 ain’t a big spender. But beyond that, this imaginative creature takes pride in knowing where, in every country, certain semi- and semi-semi-semi-precious stones can be found lying about for the picking. In Scotland there’ll be amethysts on your beach and sparkling pieces of fools’ gold in Texas. Some of these characters suffer bouts of depression which may be lightened by the affection of friends and a new enthusiasm. Those with acute feelings of sadness frequently flirt with professional magic and magicians, which is fine, but they should beware their natural attraction to the occult, which can sometimes prove overwhelming.

Body: Food related allergies can be a plague for this date. If the allergy is severe a doctor should be consulted. Minor allergic reactions can he tracked at home. Bad digestion, water retention and irritable skin can easily result from the delicious take-away meal, if the restaurant is using too much monosodium glutamate. Chocolate cause’s rashes and headaches in some people and so can tomatoes. The list is endless and very personal. Watch carefully what you eat and any consistently bad effects. If it’s a favourite, cut it down slightly until you reach a tolerance level, if there is one. Otherwise, eliminate.

Mind: It’s very easy for this person to feel low, and the best cure is creativity. Ideally choose to work with colour or music, both of which have well-recorded soothing, healing powers for both mind and body.

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