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Born today on the 27th, August

August 27 likes to be surrounded by a great many people and is at his happiest planning their entertainment, cooking for them and just generally sitting chewing the fat. In youth they live in groups – a new family of adopted siblings. In adulthood they want lots of children. Find this character living with assorted relatives, friends and their children, who August 27 relates to as his own. This baby is the grape in the universe’s fruit bowl, firm, and sweet and comes in clusters. It is natural for both sexes to work in areas which directly benefit the community. They are drawn to social work and hospitals, where they bring an aura of comfort and gentleness. People who are sad find a ready ear but never someone who is content just to listen and sympathise. Virgoans like solutions and this character is no exception. He won’t take inertia lightly, and anybody who thinks there is a permanent shoulder to sob on will receive a swift rapette on the knuckles. Both the men and women are master cooks. It’s their gift to others, but also their passion. Find them watching television and reading a recipe book, dreaming of quick, exquisite dishes. They think that the way food looks is as important as the way it tastes. When the women have children they encourage them to join in the cooking. There will be lots of chocolate cake mix to lick with fingers from bowls, small plates of toffee made by tiny hands and delicious dark red strawberries dipped in the kind of dark and shiny chocolate sauce that looks as if it was directly scooped from the midnight sky. There are usually so many people to take on holiday that August 27 can only really afford to take off for the seaside around Britain. Find them all barefoot on those endless yellow Norfolk beaches building castles to die for in the sand.

Body: This Orange and Raspberry Sherbet is perfect for our MasterChef of the universe, such a wily dark red it seduces eye and taste. Take 450g raspberries, 2 large oranges and 30ml honey. Juice or blend raspberries and oranges. Put mixture in bowl stir in the honey. Pour into shallow dish and freeze until almost firm. Remove from freezer, break up with fork and mix until fluffed up. Put back into freezer until firm. Remove dish from freezer ten minutes before serving. Serve with garnish of grated milk chocolate, raspberries and scattering of pink rose petals (washed and dried on kitchen paper).

Mind: It’s difficult to be alone with August 27 and this can be frustrating for partners and children. Sometimes this creature also hides behind the jolly crowd. Give someone who loves you some private time together

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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