Is it your birthday today 23rd June?


Born on 23rd June….Happy Birthday!

This is a lover’s birthday. June 23’s whole life is devoted to romance and there will be a lot of it because this individual starts early and finishes late. Added magic is given to this date because it is often celebrated as Midsummer’s Eve. Expect this child to have idealistic playground passions, not to be discounted. A child’s heart can dream and be broken just as powerfully as an adult’s. These early loves will be cherished life-long memories, the adored one often encountered again in old age with sweet affection.

Most prefer to show off their love, so secret affairs and adultery are a turn off. Heart on sleeve, June 23 is vulnerable to jealousy – love’s twin – and may become obsessive. Don’t take chances with this big heart. The aggression that accompanies their jealousy comes from June 23’s propensity to attack when threatened. If they are unlucky in love, expect fireworks at least, maybe a stream of telephone calls. At worst, they may go through wallets and handbags, checking up on the defaulter.

Open hearted June 23 adores gossip. They care about friends and their talent for advising on problems is usually kind, perceptive and helpful. But this little plum sometimes gets its nose too far into others’ affairs and could get it squashed. June 23 is not, however, so romantic that work takes second place. They are well organised, and straight-dealing team members. Work flirtations may be a weakness. Love in the office often backfires and everybody else always knows more than you think and certainly more than you’d wish.

Our romantic often takes lovers on a magical mystery tour of the arts. Financially blessed people shower their squeeze with beautiful things. They are also devoted to making a comfortable elegant home and since no labour saving device has yet been invented that can match any rich lover, grab a wealthy June 23 and hold on.

Body: Fitness is important to June 23 and they are usually active and, especially in later life, look after themselves well. Many adore outdoor sports and other sociable activities in the fresh air, particularly, because they are a water sign, the pleasures of swimming in the sea, or rivers and lakes. They should take great care to check with one of the many guides published that the water they are bathing in is clean. Walkers and tennis players must also be sure to wear a high factor barrier cream and sunglasses with properly formulated lenses for maximum eye protection.

Mind: A broken heart makes life wonderful five years later, when you meet your old lover in the lift, now fatter and braying ‘long-time-no-see’. If your heart hadn’t been broken, you couldn’t relish the glorious relief.

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