Is it your birthday today 24th June?


Born on 24th June….Happy Birthday!

June 24 is allergic to leisure. They are often so taken up by work that they can’t talk or think about anything else. First in at their desk, last to leave and happy to volunteer for Sunday rotas, this individual makes the lightning leap up the corporate ladder look like kids’ play. They long for the aphrodisiac of power and think any lack of it such a turn off that terminal tantrums result if promotion passes them by.

Bosses often just give in because they can’t face the consequences. Companions frequently complain that June 24 is an ideas-pincher. He or she may encourage their victim to go home, then work late on their own presentation and deliver it before the competitor has had time to start the day. The most sophisticated types are excellent at original thinking and can put into practice ideas that nobody else would dream of trying. This is partly due to their exceptional technical ability. In science, they are inventors. In other businesses they are strategic planners. Less self-confident people can be brazen bullies and under miners of others.

The female executive of this type sits at her computer from morning to night, counting the minutes others spend on personal telephone calls. She can’t make time to get to the hairdresser, or the dentist so she has awful hair and teeth. The male executive also has tooth problems. The nicest June 24 character has a talent for sensitivity. The more spiritual may be drawn to religion and make fine leaders in this field, using their enormous energy to improve their surroundings. These people have a great need to be alone, which is partly why they like to work late. Family and friends must understand this need and allow them regular periods of isolation. It’s an interesting birth date, with a marvellous potential for good – and not so good. The choice is always theirs.

Body: June 24 is often careless about health and gets so involved in current activities that regular health checks are forgotten. Such intense people often suffer from digestive problems, particularly because they snatch at food and sometimes snatch at a little too much alcohol or even drugs to keep them going. These people should take time out to set a sensible eating pattern for themselves and stick to it with the same devotion they give to their work. Some form of yoga is extremely helpful and should be carried out regularly. It will clear the mind, balance and re-energise the body and soul.

Mind: Examine your work and lifestyle and consider from time to time whether you can’t see the wood for the trees. Music is a great healer and will help you get in touch with what you really want.

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