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Born today on the 29th, August

This is another Virgo sex shuttle, although August 29 is more romantic than the bearer of pure animal appeal. The women have that attractive distracted look which often comes with short sight and they frequently keep a dog as silky and bounding with enjoyment as themselves. For Lady Virgo, the black Labrador is perfect. It will protect her, be an intelligent and friendly companion, and attract the right kind of man. She likes sporty men who know how to handle a horse and a gun and when she has met him, Ms August 29 will want to ride and hunt with him. Many girls gravitate to the country if they were not already bred there. Some will farm, becoming expert by training if not already so by birth and heritage. Our farming darling is well organised with an extensive knowledge of crops, a firm refusal to use environment endangering pesticides, and she can sort out a cow with a labour problem as well as the vet – if she is not actually the vet. This individual has such taking ways that the whole of the county is round for her hand in marriage. Many enjoy blood sports, so no townies need apply for an interview with her father. Indeed she hasn’t much time for urban culture and thinks her citied school friends are misled into a horrifying existence based on terrible raw Japanese food and warm, sweet wine. Both sexes shine like the evening star at any country dance. Both the men and women have small waists and hips and quite often they are fab dancers, with people vying to enjoy the lightness with which they move across the dance floor of the skies. The men may suffer from hay fever in high summer and some are allergic to cats. Most of the girls have mild rashes on their hands, largely due to the rough work they do. A politician is someone who will double-cross that bridge when he comes to it.

Body: Latest health thinking is that a pet dog is more effective than other therapies. Stroking them brings down high blood pressure, relieves stress and some experts think makes you mentally alert. Country life addicts may prefer a bounding creature who takes them for walks and to meet the neighbours. Dalmatians are out-going and friendly, neither shy nor hesitant and free from nervousness and aggression. Townies might choose a Yorkshire terrier, happier in an urban environment, but with the spirited, even disposition and air of neat importance most people find fetching. Some people even take them to work, convinced it helps calm office politics.

Mind: In numerology the 29th is ruled by the number 2 (2+9=11, 1+1=2). In Tarot, the second card of the Major Arcana is The Priestess, shown seated on her throne. People born today have intuitive powers.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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