Is it your birthday today 26th June?


Born on 26th June….Happy Birthday!

Passionate June 26 puts people before things or work every time, but such is the power of their convictions, that those they love may find themselves endlessly bossed about. This individual has the empathetic Cancerian sweetness of character, which is so utterly disarming that most lovers turn a blind eye to the odd flash of dictatorship. This is not good for June 26. It’s better for them to learn an early lesson in the knack of controlling this hectoring side to their nature.

June 26 unleashed will dictate the kind of television programmes watched by all the family, including adult members. There will mad bans – on certain kinds of books, or music and maybe even food. If things get truly out of hand there’ll be bonkers banning of certain friends, neighbours, even relatives and in some cases countries which can no longer be visited because of a supposed offence. A few of these individuals refuse to go abroad at all, suspicious that foreigners with their foreign languages are somehow conspiring to confuse them. Yet, and this is a big yet, few people are as enchanting to travel with.

Some individuals born on this day have a rare capacity to listen to another’s heart. Let them take you to the Scottish Highlands or the Welsh cliffs and you will never forget their companionship and the sudden way the light burnished rock faces, more intense, more beautiful because they were consciously willing a singular delight into your soul. Many people born on this day do well in corporations, keeping their peculiar powers to themselves. They often have a flare for organising institutions and frequently tap into the talent with money which is another characteristic of their birth sign. This person is not usually afraid of money, willing to borrow or lend, on practical terms. If you borrow, be sure to give it back, because some of these individuals aren’t picky about strong-arm tactics.

Body: This birth date can celebrate the number of its summers with a gorgeous choice of seasonal fruit, one golden key to well-being. Some fruits, particularly pineapple and papaya, are rich in enzymes that assist our digestion and can help us absorb other nutrients. So if you need to absorb more iron from your food, simply serve the meal with fruit rich in vitamin C such as papaya, pineapple or citrus. Try to eat fresh fruit that is in season. Juices are fine, but the pulp and skin are discarded and of course this is a perfect source of extra fibre.

Mind: June 26 should practice putting himself in somebody else’s shoes, keep trying to imagine what others want. Others have a different view. Both sexes beware your doctrinaire tendencies, particularly with children and elderly parents.

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