Is it your birthday today 27th June?


Born on 27th June….Happy Birthday!

These are very direct people and can be difficult company for those who are uncomfortable with too much reality. But they are the salt of the earth, the people who everybody turns to when they need help. June 27 often shoulders the burdens of a family that other members can’t face, and they do this cheerfully.

Usually physically and mentally strong, they can manage to live a full life themselves alongside whatever duties they may have to others. June 27 has a strong creative streak which often manifests itself in domestic skills. They can be inspired cooks and gardeners, taking infinite care with the more delicate side of both pursuits. This person is more interested in sliced peaches soaked in orange juice with a dash of brandy, than a lengthily planned rabbit and game stuffed cassoulet. There will be violas, pansies and columbine straying through the borders in their garden, rather than towering conifers and azaleas.

Steadfast in everything, this individual is a traditionalist and while perfectly alert to modern ideas, neither sex is seriously interested in contemporary fashion. They regard new ideas as a rehash of old ones and if pressed to get involved and made uncomfortable, or mocked, they dig in and withdraw.

Some people born on June 27 are addicted to sulking, perhaps an aspect of their stubborn, rather unbending tendencies, and this is mindbendingly tedious for everybody else because June 27 likes people to know what they are feeling, so expect much sniffing and sighing and slamming down of plates. These can be problem characteristics in some areas of corporate life, but this individual does very well in traditional types of business such as banking, transport and other industries which serve the community. In a local area or country village, this is the bank manager or postmistress, or policeman and woman upon whom the healthy and successful structure of ordinary living depends.

Body: Sometimes this person just can’t get to sleep because their mind is still racing with the tasks of the day. Experts suggest that you try to wind the body down an hour or so before you go to bed. For instance, try to stop working an hour earlier and if necessary start working an hour earlier at the beginning of the day. Avoid strenuous exercise before bed. Turn off the news. Cut down on tea and coffee during the day and don’t drink either during the evening; some people cut both out after 4pm and say they sleep better for it.

Mind: People who successfully break their habits have one thing in common – they desperately wanted to break their bad habits. They made choices and sacrifices to get a life without the monkey on their back. Are you

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