Is it your birthday today? 31st August



Born today on the 31st, August

This is another birthdate who can make a good career in medicine. People born today run spectacularly successful general practices. Patients get in to see doctors without having to wait for too long. Records are never lost. And August 31 is a dragon about meticulous diagnosis, so there will be no dismissing of symptoms as neurotic in order to close the surgery down and get onto the golf course. The deep spirituality which is part of this person’s psycheology makes them extremely empathetic to anybody in trouble and our white-coated star will scan the universe with all its hidden knowledge to come up with a solution. In medicine, August 31 may specialise in diseases of the pancreas and immunology, both areas of vulnerability for Virgoans and so there is an innate sympathy with these afflictions. This individual is very likely to make a fortune with some discovery which may benefit mankind medically or in some area to do with pharmaceuticals. The chemistry set was the child August 31’s favourite toy, for girls as well as boys. Some react against this component of their psycheology and become pill phobic, reacting with insultomania at any doctorly suggestion that they lose weight and change their lifestyle. This creature is very fond of its food and drink and would not consider taking even one glass of wine less, or cooking with yoghurt instead of cream. In fact their ideal pudding is strawberries and cream with lots of brown sugar. And since it’s almost impossible for August 31 to become addicted, it’s possible to understand why they like to be in charge of their own lives. Although most crave a family and to settle down in their own home – they are sometimes too stringent with their children- a few have explorer lust. They may live abroad, taking up posts in far off places as journalists or as researchers helping a local population learn new farming and engineering techniques.

Body: The high fliers can get weighed down by their responsibilities and the irascible ones, made more so by overeating and drinking, should temper their procrastinophrenic reactions to any suggestions for a healthier lifestyle. Both can be helped in some measure by the famous Bach Flower remedies, discovered for us by Dr Edward Bach earlier this century. Travellers will find them helpful too in times of deadline stress and the simple difficulty of living in a community where they were not born. Rescue Remedy has been found to help nervousness, anxiety and the stress arising from bereavement, great fright, hysteria, arguments, speeches, exams and job interviews.

Mind: Don’t exercise too much control with your children, or expect them to reflect your own ambitions. This is common to people born today, and it’s a common source of unhappiness between father, mother and teenagers.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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