Is it your birthday today 28th June?


Born on 28th June….Happy Birthday!

June 28 is usually a joy to be with, both at home and at work. They are generous minded, quick to compliment others and equally quick to foster other peoples’ talents. This star sign is noted for its perception and people born on this day are blessed with many of the Cancer virtues. In any kind of work or community activities this individual will shine at organising, drawing the best out of people, and overcoming difficulties with charm. Many are talented with money. They can frequently make money seem to go further than others do, yet they are usually safe hands with financial affairs, rarely having difficulties with a budget.

Quick to love, this individual is often extremely romantic and will shower a chosen partner with attention. They are good listeners and most of them are astute where other people’s feelings are concerned. Some born on this day, however, may not be blessed with quite the same talent for assessing other people so they may make wrong judgements in their relationships. If this happens too often, June 28 can take betrayal too much to heart and the result is a dangerous temper.

All people born under this sign may have a streak of aggression which they can sometimes find hard to control. Romantic betrayal may be the raw nerve here and often leads to long periods of resentment and sometimes enmity. Because these people are good money-managers and leaders, they enjoy travelling and do so with imagination. They frequently like to go off the beaten track and avoid package tours, preferring to plan their own itinerary which allows them to see more closely how other countries live. June 28 will take care to find out about local customs and interesting places to see and some have a talent for learning languages which they see as a necessary courtesy to the natives of whichever country they are visiting.

Body: June 28 sometimes eats indiscriminately and this frequently leads to indigestion, heartburn and a chronically unsettled stomach. Pay more attention to your own body and a little less to everybody else’s, and these problems can be solved. Avoid overeating, then try to cut down on dairy products, fast-food which contains additives and preservatives, and sugary treats. Instead try to introduce more fibre into your diet of the sort contained in oats, brown rice and beans. Add sesame oil, which contains vitamin E to lightly steamed vegetables and cooked salads. Drink a measured amount of hot tea and broths to help digestion.

Mind: Relax so much that you allow yourself to feel pleasurably dim-witted. It’s a joy that often goes uncelebrated. Stay in bed until midday. Lie in the bath reading. Swing in a hammock in a country garden.

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