Is it your birthday today 29th June?


Born on 29th June….Happy Birthday!

If there’s something to worry about then people born on this day will find it. It’s always an Achilles’ heel for June 29 and causes so much more upset in the life of our birthday child than is necessary. Sometimes these people get the measure of it and use their worries as an armour against the future – if they fear the worst in every possible way then they can always be pleased if things turn out better. And they won’t be surprised if they don’t. But often they take the Eeyore stand to such a gloomy degree that people around them lose patience.

The plus side to vulnerable June 29 is a brilliant capacity to think through all possible eventualities, and this makes them invaluable planners. Their memory is usually phenomenal, which means they can be relied on and can’t be tricked, but will also drive others insane by reminding them of what they said some time before which is contrary to what they are saying now. Sometimes this sense of foreboding is shot through with a brilliant capacity for humour and a natural raconteur’s timing. Then, suddenly June 29’s worrying psycheology becomes the perfect basis for humour – all the best comics have a strain of pathos and self-mockery within their best jokes.

They like making people laugh. While this individual also tends to be hypochondriacal, their bags and briefcases actually rattle with bottles of pills and thermometers – just in case- most of them are capable of great bravery. And nearly all refuse to follow rules and etiquette too closely, deeming them fatuous in the face of the sterner issues of fate. Stick with them and they’ll queue jump for you, bargain prices down for a cash payment, complain about awful hotel rooms and rotten service and stick two fingers in the air at the least whiff of snobbery or discrimination, especially if it masquerades in the disguise of reason.

Body: If your taste is for very spicy food and other peoples’ cooking seems bland, then you’re probably eating too much salt. This can contribute to high blood pressure (which also causes bad temper) and medical experts also think that excessive salt is probably the key dietary cause of stomach cancer. On a more minor level it also encourages water retention and is thought to be one cause for bloating during monthly hormonal changes. Processed meats, canned vegetable soups and packaged breakfast cereals may contain over a hundred times as much sodium as their raw materials. So, folks, cut down on them.

Mind: Find something to worry about and then practise not worrying. Although you may not think this possible, it will gradually help you learn to control a tendency which, always indulged, so often brings unhappiness.

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