Is it your birthday today 30th June?

Born on 30th June….Happy Birthday!

It’s a sexy date and most people want to get off with June 30. This individual has been attracting people since early childhood, and some can be irritatingly accustomed to adulation. Some say that these are ‘magic’ children and certainly, in many families they will have been a favoured child. Passionate lovers, June 30 can resist the blandishments of others – for the most part – and there will be a lot of them to resist.

Many may seek out equally attractive partners, but others quite deliberately look for character qualities rather than physical beauty, and will stay put for life. Great beauty in childhood and adolescence often induces social laziness and lack of personal development. Some have relied so strongly on their natural allure that they become quite dull adults, often painfully surprised when other less richly endowed people take centre stage because they are basically more interesting.

Nevertheless, many June 30 people prefer to downplay their own gift of natural attraction and develop as many talents as possible because they want people to like them for who they are and what they can do, rather than what they look like. While this individual frequently has a talent for acting or some form of entertaining, very often the creative flair which is common to this birthday comes out in artistic skills. At the very least there is a good eye for style.

Men may become photographers and the more practical members of that sex can excel in design technology or simply maintaining beautiful machines such as classy cars or antique clocks. Women born on June 30 are frequently able to run up a dress, or put a look together, in a matter of moments for very little expense. At the other end of the spectrum, both sexes can be found in the class zone of the style market, maybe in design, but also the media which records that market.

Body: Fatigue can be your problem and with it, the urge to boost energy with a sweetie binge. Chocolates, ice cream and fatigue lead to more chocolates, ice cream and more fatigue. Experts agree that natural, white sunlight keeps body functions working at the healthiest physiological level. Without it our nervous system makes adjustments which can cause fatigue and depression. Try to spend thirty minutes a day out of doors, before 10am, or after 4pm, to avoid unnecessary exposure to ultraviolet rays, and preferably where there is green grass and trees. Protect your eyes from sunlight reflected off reading material.

Mind: Self-confidence is gained by knowledge rather than hunch and the best way to gain it is from books. Reading induces calm and a new independence will bring a refreshing balance to your life.

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