Is it your birthday today? 4th July

Is it your birthday today?



Born today on the 4th, July

The eyes are the windows of this individual’s soul, so expressive that others sometimes shy away from vulnerable July 4. This person cannot easily dissemble, so won’t get on in industries where flattery is the main currency. Best to avoid a career in newspapers or television where July 4 may imagine the request ‘Give me an honest opinion’ needs an honest answer. Professions which demand exact skills are best. Good at teamwork, this sociable personality may enjoy a life in the army or medicine. July 4 has a skill for entertaining and pleasing others and this, combined with a meticulous nature, may mean that working in retail or tourism is ideal. Those born on this date frequently dislike being alone. They are naturally sociable, excellent club members and always welcome to join the crowd. Some have a strongly developed idealistic drive to serve the community and will defend either groups of people who come under threat, for example the homeless or the countryside, even historic buildings with absolute dedication. On occasion they may behave too aggressively in pursuit of a cause, but will usually listen to advice and stop short of fanaticism. Debate about issues delights this date, but they tend to squirm at talk about personal feelings. On the sociable side, they are happiest entertaining a houseful of guests to a memorable dinner, with gorgeous, infectious gusto. And then having them stay to a huge, late breakfast, laced with some sort of fascinating alcoholic pick-me-up, possibly their mother’s secret Bloody Mary recipe. Slow to give their heart, they are sometimes unpleasantly snobbish with individual strangers, but can be relied upon never to forget their mother and father’s birthdays. In fact this person uses the family to road test all potentially serious partners and will fade out at the first intimation that a lover is either unhappy with this situation, or is failing to make a suitably warm impression.

Body: Ginger has always been popular in cooking for its extraordinary fragrance, but it is also well known for very many medicinal properties. Some swear by cooked ginger as a cure for the common cold. In Chinese medicine, a herbal brew of cinnamon, ginger, dried tangerine peel and Chinese liquorice – mmm, delicious? – is used for added energy, to improve poor circulation and to give the digestive system a boost. Add equal amounts, 3-4 gms each, to 0.75 litre water and simmer until the liquid is reduced by a third. Divide into three portions and drink two to three times a day.

Mind: The tender crab has a hard shell and a far from straightforward approach. But people respond best to tenderness and an honest mind, and you will certainly be confused about people if you make snap judgments.


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