Is it your birthday today? 5th July





Born today on the 5th, July

Those born on July 5 often have excellent skills in the kitchen, cooking and choosing wines with grace and enthusiasm. Naturally sensuous, these people enjoy the consumption as much as the preparation, so of course they usually have a battle with their weight. They may also go into food or wine as a profession, where they frequently find success, particularly because they have an innovative flair which naturally gets them noticed. Some people born on this day use this flair and response to natural pleasures to develop expertise in recording these delights. Many paint. Others use a camera. Some like to write. But the subject is usually pleasure. July 5 people do best as freelancers or running their own business. They are not at their best playing politics and are not usually ambitious enough to supress their social life for the good of somebody else’s corporate outfit. This individual won’t happily work through lunchtime unless it’s for personal benefit, and they have to leave work promptly at the end of the day because they’re meeting friends for a drink. Regular visitors to the same chic place to be seen, these people make a point of getting to know the staff, often becoming personal friends. Either way it ensures excellent service and that gratifying feeling of belonging somewhere. July 5 adores being part of the furniture in a place where he or she can watch smart money drift by, casting envious and curious glances at them. Needless to say this cool birthday person makes a terrific nightclub owner. Theirs will be no ordinary gaff, but decorated with the latest computerised gadgets and toys for dancers to play with when they need a break, and gorgeous sofas and chairs to lie on while consuming iced lemon in a tall frosted glass. When July 5 runs the show, the energy and inspiration can be extraordinary and very attractive to others, particularly mavericks with similar tastes.

Body: July 5 will always think there is something one can eat to cure most ills, so especially for this mildly gluttonous creature it is recommended that a handful of nuts should be eaten at least five times a week to provide dietary fibre, reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol and generally halve the risk of heart attacks. Nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fat (many nuts give us valuable oil), protein, carbohydrates, vitamins (particularly E), and minerals. One hypothesis is that vitamin E prevents the oxidation of cholesterol. It should be born in mind that nuts are high in calories.

Mind: Laughter improves our sense of well-being. San Francisco medics say intensive laughter over four weeks reduces the need for painkillers, although not the pain you cause, by doing this, in everybody else’s arse


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