Is it your birthday today? 3rd September

Is it your birthday today? 3rd September


Born today on the 3rd, September

This is a remarkably tolerant person. September 3 will go along with others’ plans for long periods, only slightly modifying them. But they are watchful. In many cases this person is the best kind of partner to have, either in a career or at home, because they understand and support, always with an alert eye. At work they may rise to high places, although more frequently in tandem with another. Many women start off as personal assistants and end up owning equal shares. Many will unexpectedly become main breadwinner for the family, because a partner is studying, needs to take a lesser paid job as a step to a better future, or just because of illness. If the breadwinning role becomes permanent, the women in particular have reserves of strength and intelligence and meet the challenge, admirably and without self-pity. Like many Virgos, they have a greatly developed capacity for friendship, keeping best friends from school until old age. But, since they are always looking, always open to the delights of new people, many friends will be made as they go along, other parents met through school, co-workers in some local charitable scheme, or maybe a neighbourhood theatre group. And in old age, they often start all over again, forging fresh friendships and new starts just when life seemed to be narrowing. Surprisingly they are not so tolerant with their children. Often over-determined about academic achievement, they can be surprisingly fussy about food and mealtime etiquette. Both can be areas of volcanic tension build-up for children, so anybody who has an influence with September 3 should get them to temper this behaviour. Both sexes take tremendous spiritual pleasure from water and it’s ideal if they can live by it. But since having a house with a sea, river or lake view may be hard, boat holidays or long walks by water are the next best thing.

Body: This secretly sensuous creature adores to be massaged. And their favourite is a silky stroking of the face with some gentle aromatic oils. Begin with fingers at the base of the neck and sweep up to chin and then outwards under the jaw towards the ears. Pause and return to under the chin. Now stroke up, around bottom of the lips, don’t touch the lips, then up and outwards towards the cheekbones, then up to the temples, slowing the movement and increasing the pressure slightly. Hold the pressure for a moment at the temples, then glide the fingers back to beneath the chin.

Mind: In Tarot, the 3rd card of the Major Arcana is The Empress, who symbolises Mother Earth and native, creative intelligence. Find in The Empress stability, steadiness, charm, wit and grace. The downside is a few irritating affectations.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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