Is it your birthday today? 6th July





Born today on the 6th, July

July 6 spends a great deal of time talking about the inner workings of his or her mind, sometimes perceptively and sometimes as if they were talking about another person altogether. So July 6 will often say something like ‘I’m the sort of person who always keeps a promise’ or ‘I always remember a good deed’, unfortunately, an observation which is rarely true. Poor memory is sometimes a problem for this individual, particularly with the males who can never remember where they have put keys and wallets. Both sexes can make a habit of failing to settle their bank account so that cashpoint cards are swallowed, usually on Saturday night when extra money is particularly vital, because somehow there wasn’t time to get to the bank on Friday. Generally this date tends to worry about finances more than is necessary. So much so that they leave bills unopened because any demand for money always seems too great. Watch out therefore for the telephone to be cut off and the electricity too. It’s worth remembering with the latter that some electricity boards make a point of cutting the electricity off just as their office is closing on Saturday in order that the luckless and lightless punter has sufficient time over the weekend to consider the error of their ways and have a few major rows. Other people born on this date are free of this problem-provoking behaviour and merely careful with their money, or in some cases, clever with it and can make excellent investments in property and a killing on the stock market. Some go to the other end of the spectrum and become inveterate gamblers, frequently extremely lucky as this is a particularly optimistic birthday to have. In spite of this strong, very personal and perhaps inward psycheology, this person is often blessed with a true sweetness of character and can attract loyal affections in others.

Body: Both sexes can suffer from urinary tract problems and should always consult a doctor. Minor disturbances can be remedied by avoiding alcohol, tea and coffee, all fizzy drinks and concentrated orange and lemon squashes. Instead drink plenty of water, alternating this with barley water and the occasional cup of herbal tea made from camomile, or raspberry leaves, available at health food shops. Avoid commercially bought bath essences or oils. Some people find great comfort however from natural oils and aroma therapists recommend dropping four drops of bergamot and two drops of lavender, or six drops of tea tree oil into the bathwater.

Mind: July 6 works and worries so hard that they lose the talent for relaxation, some even feel uncomfortably useless if they take time to chill out. This attitude dulls the mind.


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