Is it your birthday today? 7th July




Born today on the 7th, July

July 7 is unconventional, even intimidating on first meeting. Quite often their verbal dexterity is disquieting for more conventional, less self-confident types. They just take a bit of knowing, but it’s worth it, because these individuals have a fantastic talent for bringing happiness. They see far beyond what others see, and are completely devoid of snobbery, taking people as they find them and never demanding something which a companion is reluctant to give. Ruled by the moon, this creature likes to delve deep into his and her own psycheology, and do the same with companions. No shadows are left unlit, no secrets unprobed, difficult for those who enjoy keeping secrets. Sex is the polish which makes moon people shine. They see it as the root of everything. At work, our zodiac investigator interprets colleagues’ actions to be based on sexual motivation. If someone is bad tempered, July 7 judges him or her to be temporarily deprived of passion and if they are permanently bad tempered then they must have a serious dearth of romance – which needs fixing. So this creature sets out to fix, questioning, probing and, of course matchmaking. It can be irritating. But when July 7’s judgement is correct, a lot of people are grateful for some help. When July 7 becomes a boss, they usually manage to put away their addiction to other people’s sex lives and use the swift Cancer intuition to remarkable effect when making deals, seeming to know what the opponent is thinking before they know it themselves. Moonshine babes are pretty challenging lovers. They suggest things most people have never heard of. At the conventional end of the sex-adventure spectrum they adore making love in water. A swimming pool will do, but something natural is better – the sea or a crystal spring in some secret valley. The unconventional end is impossible to describe in a family birthday book. Curiosity killed the cat.

Body: Because July 7 is so interested in sex it might be fun to try some of the famous old aphrodisiacs. In particular ginseng, known as the king of herbs in oriental medicine, and one of the best known to westerners, is thought of as an effective sexual tonic. Ginseng means ‘sacred person’ and is estimated to have been known in China for 5,000 years. Both men and women can use it with energy-enhancing effects. Western scientists have researched it and found it improves brain cell function, stimulates the endocrine system and contains steroids similar to the human sex hormones, testosterone and oestrogen.

Mind: To be concerned and helpful is admirable. To be inquisitive and nosey-parkerish is tiresome. Others merely judge you to be without a sufficiently interesting life of your own and a bit pathetic.


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