Is it your birthday today? 8th July

Is it your birthday today?



Born today on the 8th, July

Women born today may not be, physically, the star-spangled conventional figure-of-eight, but under the well-cut jacket, many hide their secret and perfect bosom. These babes may walk in the modest shadow of the moon, but they glimmer with promise. Great breasts are as much a Cancerian characteristic as the Pisces drown-in-me eyes and Taurus’s solid waistline. Many also have smooth, creamy skin and flat stomachs, at least in youth, attractions shared by both sexes. Many men born on this day are noted for their evenly textured skin and slender waists and hips. Gratifyingly, we don’t have a preened here. They are more interested in mind than body, and wish everybody else could keep their attention focused on the brain rather than elsewhere. So strong is the intimidating willpower of this creature, that many find themselves, unwittingly, doing what they are told by July 8th. In private there is almost no self-doubt. Many like to travel long distances, and certainly not with package tours, which are far too conventional. Some will take off to see the world for a year, working their way across continents, or seek a Job abroad for a few years, before moving on. There are no obvious nerves about taking up a new way of life, none learning new languages, or fitting in. Nor is there homesickness. It’s a pragmatic date and those who love this person must quietly accept that they rarely look back and that includes on their nearest and dearest. Fortunately July 8 quickly makes a new place look like home, which is certainly comforting if they are carting children about. They know that a home is where it smells good and even the dullest little space will soon be perfumed with a warm, herby fragrance. In winter they keep an open fire if they can, partly for warmth and partly for the delicious smell of wood smoke.

Body: July 8 people are as experimental with medicine as they are with life. Many people have adopted bits of alternative therapy into their lives today. Acupuncture is one route which can often simply melt away aches and pains, strained legs and neuralgia. Check on the practitioner’s training and credentials, in particular that no needles which have been used on another person, even though properly sterilized, will be used on you. (Because of AIDS, reusable needles are anyway becoming a thing of the past.) But most acupuncturists keep a set of needles for each client, only used for them, which is OK too.

Mind: This birthday is a generous and imaginative present giver. Thoughtful July 8 chooses a piece of coral for someone they love, which brings with it the calming sweet vibrations of the


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