Is it your birthday today? 9th July




Born today on the 9th, July

This is a psychic date. Some less developed individuals simply have astonishing hunches, sudden starry bounds from A to Z without really understanding why. Others, better endowed with this ability should not deny it, but accept that the coincidences in business and personal life and the strange perceptions are a sure indication of this talent. July 9 goes out on Saturday night sensing that they will meet someone who is their destiny. And they do. Women know they will get pregnant before anything physical has happened. Both sexes may decide on a whim not to travel, then discover that their train or aeroplane has subsequently been involved in an accident. And many sense that a loved one has met with accident or death long before they are told. If twins are born on this day, this psychic capacity is frequently doubled. Twins have long been the source of study because of their heightened capacity to communicate with each other when they are apart. But with July 9 it will almost seem as if there is a psychic telephone line between them, and between themselves and the rest of the world. Naturally this comes in useful at work, particularly because this creature is an original thinker, like many Cancerians, and dreams up unusual projects which are seen through with ease and the help of this heightened perception. Outside work, their sixth sense is as natural to them as the five senses are to the rest of us. It usually makes them lively and confident and above all curious. Where others fear the unknown, July 9 doesn’t really because he or she already has a perception of it. On the practical side it gives them the confidence to invent gadgets, or go for an idea which only later seems startlingly obvious to everybody else. They are also persistent people. If they can’t sort something out straightaway, they go back and try again until they can. On a clear day you can see for ever.

Body: Both sexes have a tendency to experiment with alcohol, drugs and some of the more outlandish experiences. Sometimes they think these things heighten their perceptions, and this may even be true for a limited time. Young people born on July 9 are physically strong and can withstand quite a bit of drinking and other excessive behaviour for a period. But any kind of drug always undermines the body and mind in the end, especially as this creature has an addictive nature. They will be happier and clearer of head and heart if they get hold of this message sooner rather than later.

Mind: People born today shouldn’t give in to anxiety. Bad things don’t happen all the time, and if they do, July 9 won’t necessarily sense it. In general these perceptions are simply there to aid a choice of action.


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