Is it your birthday today? 10th July



Born today on the 10th, July

This quiet individual is generally extremely self-sufficient and knows his mind from an early date. July 10 has creative talents which may be developed and become a career. In particular, theirs is an impressive writing talent, although they are not extrovert talkers. They may not be overly forthcoming with their opinions. But when asked, their opinions are well informed, logically thought through and may be powerful enough to swing a political vote or win the applause of a crowd. In the local community, July 10 may become a force for improvement, but all executed while remaining a pillar of respectability. Either sex can be good at raising money, great at thinking up original methods of doing so, but it’s not they who actually organises the ER party in aid of the theatre roof. This can cause the willing workers, people born on other days, to respond less enthusiastically to July 10’s next very brilliant job-creation scheme to support charity. Many July 10 people are happiest away from urban centres. They are susceptible to noise and get over-anxious about urban problems such as dirty air and the dustmen not turning up. Outside towns they may start businesses which derive their inspiration from the countryside, making furniture or textiles to distribute not only through chain stores but mail order catalogues. And many people born on this date thrive in the rural tourist industry. Both sexes like to cook. Their tastes veer away from red meat and dairy products, towards vegetarian dishes and they develop passionate enthusiasm for growing their own vegetables and for alternative medicine based on herbs. It’s usually the men who like to cultivate rare vegetables, growing six kinds of tomatoes, from little cherry ones to the more unusual white and yellow types which can be raised from seed. The women are more interested in experimental cooking with edible wild plants many of which have medicinal virtues.

Body: Borage has traditionally been thought to be good for the heart, to drive away sorrow, and can keep the exhausted student going at his studies. Delicious borage soup is made from one large bunch of leaves, chopped finely, 30g butter, 55g cooked rice, 570ml chicken stock, cream, salt and pepper and borage flowers. Wash leaves, melt butter, add rice, heat gently, stirring. Add stock, bring to boil. Add borage, simmer for 10 minutes, liquidise. Thin with more stock and cream, season and serve with blue borage flowers floating in each bowl of dark green soup.

Mind: Solitude may be very tempting for July 10, but it can easily turn to a fear of meeting others and forgetting the normal, pleasurable joking around and interaction between one human being and another.


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