Is it your birthday today? 11th July




Born today on the 11th, July

The psychic in July 11 is very dominant. Tall, dark handsome strangers, short fat rich strangers, they always know in advance they will meet them. They know where they will marry and when they get pregnant, instinctively, they know which sex to expect. When July 11 goes house hunting, neither sex can help judging the house by the atmosphere. They trot round the rooms and garden sniffing like a psychic bloodhound and if the coast isn’t clear the owner could offer the property for 25 pence and this creature wouldn’t take it. Although neither concerned nor bothered by ghosts, they don’t usually want to share a home with one. Some do get quite fond of an ephemeral resident, but usually it’s because they’re a relation. What is disconcerting about this individual is that they can put their hand on a patch of skirting and find a hidden box which has maybe lain there for years. Or they dream there is a manuscript hidden on a ledge in the well in the garden, when there is no well. But later it’s discovered and so is the manuscript. Some July 11 people may consult professionals about their psychic powers and go on to develop them, either as a hobby or professionally, even learning the skills of exorcism. Most are reasonably pragmatic souls and tend to keep quiet about their divining skills, partly because it gets boring when people continually seek their advice. July 11 has a capacity to make people feel safe. Both sexes bring reassurance to the workplace. Find them advising colleagues, always careful, never gossipy. They may rise extremely high in any field because of their psychic talent, few colleagues ever realising that this creature knew a deal would be made before it was even thought about. In private they are especially good with the sick and can make everything feel better again, bringing optimism with them as they enter a room. Love is like the measles;

Body: Sometimes caring for others can become overwhelming and July 11 finds that his or her powers are not only depleted but that they have taken on some of another’s woe. There are good Bach Flower remedies to help this. Centaury (Centarium umbellatum) works for those who have difficulty in saying no, and have become exhausted with neglecting their own interests. Chicory (Cichorium intybus) for those who are over-full of care for those close to them and have begun to feel self-pitying and angry that others don’t conform to their commands.

Mind: What July 11 needs more than most is light relaxation which requires almost no thought. This creature will really benefit from a few hours of sitting in front of the television with a glass of good red wine.


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