Is it your birthday today? 13th July




Born today on the 13th, July

This birthdate’s child is full of woe, never comes across a good thing without looking for the bad thing that goes with it and is often such a worry-bore that others get caught in the crush as they make for the door. When this happens, he or she is deluged in self-pity. And yet, they’re the sweetest, kindest people, full of talent and perfectly clever enough to have an excellent, long and happy life. What they don’t realise is that pessimism is more a phobia than a reality, a mind-set you can choose to change. It’s no more true that disaster is waiting around the corner than a stroke of fantastic luck, but you’re a lot more fun to be around if you think it’s the latter. Women are the worst offenders here. They worry if someone’s a couple of minutes late. They go into hysterics every time they get a bill and imagine imminent bankruptcy. They’re obsessed with global warming, the problems which supposedly can be caused by eating beef, if their lover really does adore the size and shape of their bosom as he says he does, or is he just trying to be nice in the face of enormous odds, or perhaps in their case, enormous oddities? Men worry about hair-loss, the shape of their chin, the size of their car and whether the small pain in their diaphragm is terminal and in which case, how long they have got to live. Nip it in the bud. Or, if the misery mania is in full flood, nip it anyway. And the way to do this, for July 13, is to step up your sex life, take more time off, and concentrate on the physical pleasures of life. The afterglow of lovemaking puts everything in a rosy light. So more of it ensures more rosy light and the world and the universe seeming a better place.

Body: Feelings of anxiety may be fostered by too many hours spent working in artificial light. Natural, full spectrum, white sunlight keeps the bodily functions working at a minimal physiological level. In the absence of full spectrum light, the autonomic nervous system has to make too many adjustments, which manifest themselves as fatigue, the desire to binge on sweet fast-food, irritability, gloom and mood shifts. Spend half an hour each day out of doors, preferably walking, which is calming to the mind and induces fitness in the body. Clear your mind of all preoccupations. Let the pleasure of the rhythm of your steps take over.

Mind: When you feel a worry rising to your lips, bite it back. Left unexpressed, many forebodings do actually go away. A spoken anxiety somehow becomes tangible. Just being cheerful is often the best cheerer-up,


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