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Born today on the 15th, July

The mystical psycheology in July 15 is very powerful and shows young. Luckiest people born on this day have parents who understand the dream side of their child, and bring him or her up to understand that there are some activities, places and ways of life that truly do not suit July 15. With all birth date psycheology, the variant is huge from one individual to another. And there is always a wide element of choice in the path you take. But some characteristics are like a shimmering thread, a fine line between balance and sadness, so it’s helpful for July 15 to know early on what brings a shadow to the soul. Most of these individuals need solitude. Children need somewhere to go by themselves. Adults do better in the country, particularly by mountains which inspire this dream star. A karaoke office party, an inter-departmental seminar on budget keeping and a girls’ night out at a strip club will simply make July 15 feel embarrassingly different. There’s nothing wrong with not being like other people. Most people aren’t. But this gentle creature too often wants to be what it can’t be. The women can make a home look good on minimum money, concentrating on pearly paint washes, beautiful materials and paying great attention to the way everything smells. Noxious stinks make them shudder. They prefer the scents of summer which greeted them when they were born, roses, jasmine, carnation and lavender. They will be more interested in possessing a flower jug which belonged to a grandmother before World War II than a dishwasher. And they are perfectly happy to leave dust lying about, particularly if it’s the starry kind. The men share the same attitudes. Both may have musical talent which can become a profession. Both need to find a way of making a living which is highly individualistic, although running a shop is wonderful for many because of their natural sensitivity to peoples’ needs.

Body: Cancer’s delicate stomach plagues July 15 and it may be a good idea to eat more garlic. (Encourage a partner to experiment with you, so as not to let the solution come between you.) The sulphur based compounds of garlic help to maintain a healthy cholesterol level, assist the functioning of the immune system and help keep infections and stomach bugs at bay. Regular consumption of garlic is also said to reduce the risk of stomach cancer. Many have found its use helps to keep eyes and skin clear. If the odour of garlic worries you, chew a sprig of parsley – nature’s own breath deodoriser.

Mind: Don’t bore people at dinner parties or anywhere else with your psychic experiences. Wait until you’re asked. Some people have a positive aversion to the subject – and there are other things to talk about.

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