Is it your birthday today? 31st May

Born on 31st May….Happy Birthday!

Another day with strong sex appeal! So many of these summery people are just born for love and many of them find it with, earthy, cautious but emotionally true Virgo. May 31 often has a style that influences others, either in dress, speech or mannerism. They are sure of what they want, and mostly pick partners for long-term love affairs. But there can sometimes be a deep-seated unhappiness which comes out in a depressive streak. As lovers they usually overcome this inner feeling of desperation, but should sometimes beware of the stardust in their eyes when they spot a new partner. It blinds May 31 to reality and they can be a pushover for anybody who fancies the idea of winning their heart.

People born on this day spend time thinking up treats for those they love. They adore sparkly things and like to buy them for others as well as themselves. Opals are the natural precious gem for this star sign, but some depressive May 31 people may not want a traditionally unlucky stone. Amber may be a better choice, especially the lighter, clear amber, very near to orange, which is Gemini’s favourite colour.

May 31st loves the gorgeous occasion. Expect both sexes to dress up whenever they get the chance. They will always prefer a lavish dinner to a picnic, champagne to a glass of chilled Australian white wine, velvet to jersey and high-heeled shoes to trainers. Both sexes adore expensive perfume and frequently wear too much of it, particularly in bed, when they think an enormous squirt is all they need to launch the perfect night of love. Apart from this, expect May 31 to spend a deal of money on the bedroom. They think it the most important room in the house and will cover the bed in furs, silks and satins and put mirrors in places you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Body: Many people born on this day enjoy physical exercise, in particular, dancing. If you don’t, you should try it. Dance is better than psychotherapy, better than dieting, better than anti-depressants. Experts recommend it for promoting joy, easing stress and tension, toning up the body, honing the mind and fostering the most pleasurable of human contact. Michael Argyle, Emeritus Professor of Social Psychology at Wolfson College, Oxford says that anybody who involves themselves in dancing, whether it be Scottish dancing, disco, waltzing or Latin American, will find their fears slowly eased, their sex-life improved and their happiness enhanced.

Mind: The depressive streak can sometimes haunt you. Make sure you get outside as much as possible, preferably somewhere green, where you can breathe the fresh air. Seek out water, always calming for the depressed.

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