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Born today on the 16th, July

July 16 is a prey to love and nothing seems right with the world unless they are consumed by greedy desire. This is OK when people born on this day are very young, but it can get in the way in middle age. Although in old age the spring in this creature’s step is what keeps him and her entrancing, while others are content to wind down. Because they are clever and very good planners- and because somebody senior fancies them – July 16 may zoom up the career ladder fast. But no amount of golden promises, company cars, expensive lunches and company-funded holidays will divert this individual from dropping everything to follow a gorgeously beckoning opportunity. However unwise. This is the Lothario at work who every female colleague longs to kiss. He never lacks for coffee and biscuits and just a flash of his even teeth makes women shiver pleasurably. It makes no odds to him if a girl is married, or going out with his best friend. He plays around, always leaving people wanting more – except when the involvement is with the boss’s daughter, when the solution is usually to marry her. The female version suffers from Marilyn Monroe syndrome. Too needy for new pleasures, too intent on provoking, she is only saved from being thought a slut by her moon-radiant beauty. Never mind. July 16 is a sex-bod and that’s the way it is. In any close encounter with this jewel, expect the most expert lovemaking. Cancer has extra sensitive skin, so ever conscious of the pleasures of stroked flesh, this person excels at ‘effleurage’ which is a massaging movement where you glide your palms across the skin, putting body weight behind the movement. And ‘petrissage’, where the balls of fingers and thumbs move in a circular motion to soothe any muscle tension along the spine. (Do not massage the spine itself.)

Body: July 16s who travel by air and suffer from unglamorous ‘jet flight leg’ might like to try a new remedy put forward by Newcastle skin specialist Dr Sam Shuster. He recommends elastic compression stockings to prevent unpleasant swelling of the legs, ankles and feet during longer flights. Dr Shuster reports in the Lancet that women, especially those who suffer from varicose veins may find that the lightweight stockings help. It also can apply to older people, girls who are at the wrong time of the month and men with skin allergies and who smoke. It’s so much more morale-boosting to step lightly onto the tarmac on slender feet.

Mind: July 16 is ruled by number 7 (1+6=7). Seven people often fail to carry through brilliant schemes, leaving them to pursue a new passion. Scatter your stardust to brilliant effect, but practically speaking make sure that the bucket doesn’t empty.

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