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Born today on the 18th, July

Women born today are Cancerominously romantic and this tendency should not be encouraged, or they will spin forever through the universe, gazing down at the world through their rosy-tinted aura. Little girls get all the usual good fairy gifts, good looks, wit, talent, sweetness of nature, but then the bad fairy popped by later and counterbalanced all of this with a wedgette of vain gullibility. They think lovers and frocks and even new jobs grow on trees – for them. Because they reap so much personal praise they often expect the best of everything, and more difficult, they expect somebody else to get it for them. July 18 window shops for life. Then a partner, or friend, or even child, clinches the deal. Anything without an accepted, conventional style makes them shudder and they suffer from trainspotteritis at the mention of any outdoor activity involving fresh air. These girls have more earrings in an ear than anybody else. They could be persuaded to go to a club with a bathbag on their head, if the persuader had a glib enough tongue. The worst kind of man takes them for a ride. If July 18 could but listen to sense their life would be easier, and better, too, for advisers who spend endless hours advising, while this creature revels in the attention. When she does take sense on board, the most delightful independent butterfly emerges, more eye-catching than anyone else around. The men are not quite so subject to enslaving others, and even become other’s slaves. And they are certainly more practical and able to do things for themselves. But at home, in any financial area or anything to do with property they are prey to bad influences from others on the make. And in the office, they are vulnerable to the worst kind of flattering toad. Everyone’s nature can be modified. These are only general guidelines. Don’t let the gullible factor bring you down.

Body: This good-looking date should ensure that skin is protected from sun. July 18 people burn easily, but sun is not really good for any skin at all. There are two types of sun ray you should protect your skin from, the UVA rays, responsible for stimulating the production of the pigment melanin, which is the skin’s natural protection against sunburn. UVA rays are most closely associated with skin cancer. The second type, UVB, age skin by damaging collagen and elastin, the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. Don’t go below a Sun Protection Factor 15.

Mind: Your natural talents are so tremendous that it’s really a duty to develop them and not allow fads and wrong judgment colour your life. It’s easy to tell sensible from silly if you really want to.

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