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Born today on the 19th, July

These people have great influence over others and can be found at the apex of power. They are seldom, however, the ones to actually exercise it. The subtle, empathetic nature of July 19 is better suited to advise and help. They lack the blistering roar of the leader and a naturally sympathetic cast of mind makes it almost impossible to do anything nasty. This does not prevent them from advising somebody else to take drastic steps. Women find this role rewarding. It comes through marriage or the conventional personal assistant relationship so many develop with a powerful boss at work. They understand the need to provide physical comfort, to find the exact kind of tea, the perfect cut to a ham sandwich, the only shade of nail varnish in town. And of course they know who will be welcomed by their master, mistress, husband or lover and who won’t. July 19 may spend hours reading papers, researching in libraries or interviewing specialists in order to come up with vital answers for a conference. Most of them thoroughly enjoy this, fascinated by learning. Naturally they also enjoy the wealth and power, glamorous receptions, television interviews and the sheer fun of having the prime minister on the telephone. In all their dealings, July 19 remains discreet and never misuses his power. Nobody is personally favoured or worse, excluded by this master of the key to the charmed circle, in a fit of wilful meanness. They stay tactfully in the background behind other advisors, simply because the personal relationship means taking extra care. July 19 must ensure there is sufficient time left for a personal life. If the powerful one is a domestic partner, it is vital for everybody’s happiness. It’s never the right time to get pregnant, so do it anyway. If it’s a friendship then our summertime babe must have his or her own life. You can’t live through another and over dependent people lose their attractions.

Body: Swimming is perfect exercise for people born in the hot months when slipping into cool water is more desirable than anything eke. Exercise in water is disarmingly easy. Just try this simple pulse-raising walk on the spot routine for a few minutes and you will start to feel pleasantly agile and put your heart rate up. Stand, feet apart, chest deep in water and bend your right knee so that the right heel is lifted and your weight is over on the left. Now shift your weight back to the other foot, allowing your arms to move as if walking. Do it for seven minutes.

Mind: Repeated deliberation and procrastination brings fresh doubts and scruples and thereby humiliation, because one shows oneself unable to act. After a matter has been thoroughly pondered, it is essential to form a decision and to act.

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