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Born today on the 21st, July

July 21 is intensely conscious of its surroundings, whether it be in the countryside or the deepest city. The eye is good, sees everything with the appraising detachment of a painter. Many express themselves best working in some visual area, such as set design or shop window dressing, where they usually win the annual Christmas festive design award. But quite a few with an aptitude for mathematics and sales, may enjoy working in banks or marketing departments. Wherever they go there will be flowers and plants, always something to please their senses and those of their colleagues. The girls adore clothes. Find them at work in intense discussions about the exact shade of orange right for a weekend’s car trip to a neighbouring village’s flower festival. They can make plans for a wedding last a lifetime and fortunately you will never get a hint of those particular fondant shades of turquoise, pale pink and yellow which haunt such occasions. Many of the men are even more stylish dressers, genuinely handsome and with impeccable taste, especially in shoes, of which they have so many that most partners have to train themselves not to fall over them at night on the way to bed. Neither sex cares too much about money, although many people born on this day land a financial windfall later in life. What they like is a loving partnership, healthy, happy children and a serene life, the accent on beauty. Both sexes excel in the garden. Neither are they so fussy that others can’t lie about drinking cans of coke and scattering newspapers. Favourite plants include the common buddleia, butterfly bush, (Buddleia davidii) which comes in shades through lavender to deepest mauve, burgundy and creamy white, flowers all summer long and throws out such seductive honey fragrance that the air around it is busy with butterfly wings. Amongst roses they adore the oddly blueish Blue Moon hybrid tea, powerfully lemon scented. How do you get an elephant into a matchbox? Take all the matches out first.

Body: Delicate, dry skin on the hands which sometimes cracks is a common problem for July 21, made worse because they like to paint and do things about the house with their hands. Contact with household cleaning materials, paint, glue, insect sprays or highly perfumed soaps can cause this chronic skin condition. Avoid these substances to see if this helps. Zinc, found in seafood and seeds aids skin healing. Take it in in multi-mineral formula with a multi-vitamin for six weeks. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds help to heal and moisturise skin. Try taking one tablespoon of Essential Balance Oil daily, available from good health stores.

Mind: Sometimes you feel hurt because a lover fails to understand what you want. It’s because you haven’t told them. July 21 plays this maddening mindreading game as a love test, but others can’t always pick up the right message.

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