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Born today on the 22nd, July

From a very young child July 22 is fascinated by travel and longs to discover the world. They use their good ear and interpersonal skills to help them learn several foreign languages and by their early twenties these jolly creatures will have either worked for a few weeks abroad or be planning to do so. Quite a few of the girls train in catering or nannying, skills which are always in top demand in foreign countries. The British nanny abroad can choose her ski resort, whizzing down star-frosted slopes with Prince Charles and his equerries the Lords Rosenstein and Guildencrantz, and the summer at any beach resort of her choice. Both sexes may be drawn to the backpackers’ trek through New Zealand and Australia, earning their way by sheep shearing in the former and cattle ranching in the latter. Many later go back and live in these countries, in love with the landscape, the weather and the niceness of the people. July 22’s rooms are crammed with trophies from their travels. They go to parties wearing embarrassing kaftans and the acidic chemically dyed colours of the rug on the floor were carried back from China. There will also be a lot of African wooden heads and Indian elephants. They are completely passionate about cultural identity, praising the traditional Kenyan Masai warrior’s nomadic way of life and the virtues of using cow dung to line the roof and walls of family huts – such an environmentally friendly use of the animal’s end product. And what a pity that the women, whose job it is to spend half their lives up to their elbows in it, are becoming more attracted to western brick and roof tiles. Their cooking is usually flavoured by the last trip, so when you encounter a thickly sweet curry laced with coconut, you know it’s authentic. In restaurants July 22 always speaks to waiters in their native language.

Body: July 22 is proud of an excellent memory. Try this psychologist’s ‘working memory span’, which checks our vital immediate capacity to retain information. Read the following sentences, covering each as soon as you have read it, and recall the last word in the sentence. The greengrocer sold many apples and oranges. The house had large windows and a massive mahogany door. The bookseller crossed the room, scowled and threw the manuscript on the chair. The sailor had been round the world several times. Now recall the second word in each sentence. Four is a good average. Many people can’t manage two.

Mind: In numerology the 22nd is ruled by 4 (2+2=4). They want to do things differently from others and may have an extremely packed and explosive set of personal relationships. Exciting, sexy and a lot of fun.

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