Is it your birthday today? 23rd July



Born today on the 23rd, July

Isolation is bad for July 23 people. They seek its sweetness but get sad when they are lonely. It’s a psycheology which usually has two sides to most emotions and the one wars with the other. What is good for this mysterious star is a deep loving relationship, which allows for the need to be alone, but when another is near at hand. The sun needs its moon. Some July 23 people may have difficulty achieving this because they are shy, convinced that nobody will want them. Fortunately their precious, wistful charm and dreamy vision is a magnet to those who want to share their life. This little violet lures lovers simply by its beauty, so that when plucked the perfume can be enjoyed. If they don’t acquire a lover, and many choose to remain single, then it is essential for this creature to establish good friends. For many, work is their life. There they are valued for their loyalty and thoughtfulness, will rarely find themselves sacked because others rely on their generosity with time and energy. In small projects the dreamy psycheology also works well because it contributes an unusual overview. Either sex may pursue a specialist interest extremely successfully. Jewels lure them – emeralds and pearls are their gemstones – and so does anything redolent of an ancient culture. Roman coins fascinate them, still easily picked up in the Thames. You may find both sexes on archaeological digs in places such as the gold-working centres in the Ecuadorian highlands, where excavating is still in its infancy. Back home this interest may develop into something the family can share, when July 23 goes metal detecting and treasure hunting on every holiday, usually with astonishing results. And very often, their finds are of such value that something extremely saleable and a subsequent fortune is discovered almost by accident. I know who I was when I got up this morning,

Body: July 23 likes dairy food and pastries and can’t understand why the weight piles on. How can a custard tart or two mean a new pair of trousers? This creature usually thinks of nuts as a treat too, yet eaten carefully they will help you slim and reduce your cholesterol level. And they are just as filling as a custard tart. Nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fat, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins -particularly E – and minerals. It has been found that a handful of nuts a day could halve the risk of heart attacks, possibly because the vitamin E content prevents the oxidation of cholesterol.

Mind: In difficult times its best not to awaken enmity by inconsiderate behaviour, easy to do when you’re not happy. Best to let things pass when you disagree with them, not castigating others if they are wrong, but not being duped either.

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