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Born today on the 27th, July

This person is a good host, so brilliant at dreaming up great wheezes to entertain others, that many companions forget the formidable brain lurking beneath the wit. Which is exactly what July 27 wants. It’s a shrewd creature, capable of profound thinking, but while he is doing so he likes the sound of music and wine corks popping. Both sexes are fabulous cooks, with a taste for experiment which never seems to end in disaster. When July 27 mixes rose petals with crushed fresh ginger and chicken pieces marinated in rosewater, all stir fried in sesame oil, it will be a success. He puts purple pom-pom chive flowers into coleslaw, instead of onions. Everybody murmurs praise. Other birth dates can’t pull this off. That’s the way it goes and it goes July 27’s way. And when the party is over and friends sit with a last glass of chilled wine, discussing who got off with who, this individual mentally puts the finishing touches to the plan he was working on. It’s a Leo characteristic. Doing two things at once, the one benefiting from the other, because while July 27 is cooking she can concentrate on thinking. So we have creativity, versatility, a creature bound for the top or at least to get what it wants in life. The downside may be that where love is concerned, inspiration is taken and pleasure is given, but the heart stays untouched. Out on the bleached grasses of the Masai Mara, the lion hunts and usually wins, but is itself notoriously difficult to hunt and catch. And that’s the way with love. There’s always a spin off too. July 27 will have a long, startlingly provocative telephone conversation with a lover – lust on the phone pleases them- but they are also testing the range of their mobile as they murmur. The good news is that they tend to marry for life and make great parents.

Body: July 27 people are blessed with luxuriant hair. Both sexes frequently keep it long and take good care of it. Naturally, fab hair adds to physical attraction, first used to allure, and then in lovemaking. The Kama Sutra acknowledges the eternal fascination that a woman’s hair has for a man, stating that among the lessons she must leam, her duty is to ‘dress the hair with unguents and perfumes and braiding it’. In the author Vatsyayana’s time, long hair would have graced the male sex too. He instructs stroking a lover’s shoulders and chest with handfuls of silky hair. Try it. Short hair? Grow it.

Mind: July 27 often adores gardening from early youth, largely to do something practical while thinking. Plant rosemary, mint, thyme and basil, aromatic plants which please the senses and have that attractive duality – invaluable culinary uses.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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