Is it your birthday today 1st June?


Born on 1st June….Happy Birthday!

These individuals are extremely passionate about whatever they do, brave and experimental, in spite of inner doubts. This birthday provides the celebrated cook, the glamour goddess, the great romantic, and the top advertising executive. The cook will specialise in something simple but exotic-sounding. They may rustle up frozen almond cream (made with 1 1/2 pints of double cream, whipped, two egg whites, beaten until stiff, caster sugar, pinch of salt, 4oz chopped toasted almonds and a large dash of Marsala, all beaten until stiff, then popped in the freezer for four hours). Or they may do something extraordinary with figs!

There is always an innate sensuosity to whatever June 1 does. The goddess purrs in silk, shows off her hand span waist and her shining hair. The god makes sure his credits are complemented by the tightest of jeans. The romantic looks on the bright side of life. Most June 1 people escape the depression which plagues their star. Simply not understanding what depression is can be the best talent in business.

Not easily intimidated, they think the best of colleagues and bosses, and have such sunny dispositions that everybody wants to promote them and they are never sacked. In particular this person shines in tense jobs such as advertising, or television, where success is based on those frail things, hunch and flair. If somebody rejects an idea, June 1 goes off and has another one. This individual adores children, and is often happiest simply reading to them, singing with them and loving them.

June 1 people may marry a few times, so there is a great chance they will have lots of children and step-children to care for. Quite a few won’t marry and still have plenty of babies. Fertility is not usually this individual’s problem, so much of June 1’s life may be spent trying out different contraceptives with varying degrees of success.

Body : Both sexes born on this day have a sweet tooth. Many can’t resist chocolate. June 1 should understand why craving comes so it can be resisted. There are several categories of chococraver. The first is the Sensuosity Snacker, someone who likes chocolate to accompany sex. Lots of sex equals lots of weight gain. Desperate desire equals a Michelin Man figure. Try peppermints. Try strawberries. Try keeping your mouth shut. The second is the Office Chocohog, who can’t get through mid-morning conference without it. The third is the Weekend Wobbler. They indulge at weekends. It speaks for itself.

Mind : Tarot’s card in the Major Arcana for June 1 is The Magician. Love Magic experts give this card the power of safe judgement in love matters. You will know when it’s safe to trust a new partner.

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