Is it your birthday today? 29th July



Born today on the 29th, July

Everybody born on this day takes delight in the opposite sex -or indeed their own – with tremendous abandon. Money is extremely important to July 29 and when they get it they spend it grandly on lavish holidays, fast cars and impressive presents for a lover. Nobody is more generous in love than this individual. He or she will work day and night to support their darling and be happy to spend too much money on them. At some times in their lives, love and career can become incompatible. July 29 falls in love to such great depth that his office desk may be empty for weeks, with just a coating of stardust he brushed from his winged shoulder as he flew by. He can just dump the job and may travel across the world to follow the babe who has his heart and it’s to be hoped that any employer will show patience, because July 29 is a high flyer and worth waiting for. Intoxicated as these space rangers are by love, it’s not surprising that they can zoom through the universe from one delicious docking procedure to another without much heed for anybody else’s feelings. With some it gets to be such a habit that they don’t settle down until middle-age or even later. Either sex may marry someone a great deal older or younger, and in both cases this versatile, resourceful, emotional creature chooses right and makes it work. Naturally this can mean a late family. Since both the men and women are physically vigorous, they can just as easily swirl a child around in their fifties as their thirties. It’s likely to be more than one child, because this is generally a very fertile date. But if a baby doesn’t come along in the normal way, it will arrive by another route. Babies are attracted to this bright creature, like moths to a light.

Body: Love wreaks havoc with the face. Give reddened skin a calming massage. Apply a massage oil with gentle massage, using light, upward strokes, then leave it on to work while you sleep. Rejuvenating Blend For Thirty Somethings: 1 drop neroli, 2 drops lavender, 2 drops geranium, 3 drops sandalwood, 15ml vetiver base or plain camellia oil, 10ml jojoba, 5ml rosehip seed oil. If rosehip oil is not used, just add 5ml more of camellia oil. To soothe blemishes, put a drop of lemon, eucalyptus or tea tree oil on a cotton bud and apply directly to the spot.

Mind: There is never a time in your life when it’s no longer appropriate to do things, if you feel like doing them and the person you feel like doing them with feels like it too.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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