Is it your birthday today? 30th July



Born today on the 30th, July

This is a sporty day and indeed, July 30 excels in all physical pursuits, such as dancing, riding, swimming and athletics. Where they don’t do it, they delight in watching. People married to July 30 men resign themselves to life without Saturday afternoons. Practically every traumatic life event takes second place to Match of the Day, or anything that is remotely categorisable as sport. Some July 30 men have been known to conceal a radio beneath their pillow so they can listen to Test cricket from the other side of the world. During the most intimate moments between woman and man, a favourite batsman hits a six and they cry out ‘YES’ – rather puzzlingly to a companion – not at the right time during those moments. The women go in for less extremely passionate interests, but nevertheless many are keen athletes and swimmers, and a growing number regularly attend football and rugger matches. This person can have a curiously idiosyncratic habit with words, which others around find catching especially if July 30 is in any position of authority, and many are, because this is a leader’s birth date. Club owners, team leaders, newspaper editors, television producers and factory managers all employ a customised mode of address to anyone around them, from the girl on reception to the head of sales and marketing. Varieties include, to both sexes, ‘Doll’, ‘Lover’, ‘Chuck’, ‘Matey’, ‘Lovely One’, and to girls only, mostly anyway, ‘Sweetie Bottom’, ‘Petal’, ‘Pretty One’, ‘Sweetbriar’ and ‘Babe’. There’s no offence meant and they do it as much at home as at work or in team sports. You can often tell where they’ve been, because their colleagues start to do it too. Many individuals born on this day are too busy to worry overmuch about the niceties of decor in their houses. Functional is what they like, nothing challenging. Rich July 30s hand the job over to an interior decorator. Poorer ones plump for safe and pleasing creamy white.

Body: If it was safe, July 30 would lie in the sun all day. This sun-lover should always use a powerful protection cream. But it’s worth noting that medical experts now say that incidence of melanoma is ten times higher in the rainy north of Scotland than in the sunny Mediterranean. And melanoma occurs more frequently on parts of the body rarely exposed to the sun, such as the back and feet, than areas like the face and hands. Nor does ultra violet therapy increase the risk. So judiciously enjoy the sun and discourage others from treating it like a contagious disease.

Mind: Sometimes you can be rather relentless in pursuit of your own interests. A rich interest in yourself may also encourage you to show no interest in others, which manifests itself in forgetting everything they have told you.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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