Is it your birthday today? 1st August



Born today on the 1st, August

They have a natural eye for design, and what they wear today, is what everybody will be wearing tomorrow. August 1 is fascinated by style, clothes, music, writing, and all the cultural things. No day is boring to them because they only have to look about them to see something which takes their fancy to the point of fascination. Either sex should work in a profession which uses this visual dexterity. Then they can combine an unusual degree of pleasure with what frequently turns out to be an unusual degree of earning power. Small children show this talent young. Three- and four-year-olds roll ankle socks down to their shoes, because having them pulled up is a no-no at the local nursery. Not much older than this and they are advising their parents, with a sure touch, about the decoration of the house. When it comes to painting a room, many August 1 people’s motto is ‘When in doubt, go for yellow’. The men may carry this colour through into different rooms, varying the shades from yellow through amber to terracotta. Women frequently experiment with the lovely duck egg blues and turquoises found in Chinese porcelains and lovely silk rugs. Everything is done for next to no money, which is good, because next year, or even next month, they may change the whole shoot. In the office, these are the people whose dress code gets up the noses of the frowstier reaches of management. The male August 1 wears perfect jeans with a perfectly fitting T-shirt, and maybe the odd one or five earrings. But the jeans will be yellow or red and the jacket which goes over everything, washed-out peacock. Girls born on this day are lanky in brilliantly coloured PVC, with long legs sans cellulite. This enviable grace and ability to eat doughnuts without putting on an ounce may not last for ever unless some care with diet is taken.

Body: August 1 should have beautiful objects around, which simultaneously bring a sense of well-being. And preferably inexpensive, since generous Leo prefers to spend hard-earned money on travel and taking friends out to dinner. Find their houses crammed with vases of sunflowers and bowls of lavender pot-pourris (Leo flowers). Find fascinating rocks picked up while travelling and used as ornaments. What to another is just an old pebble, is to August 1 an exquisite piece of rose quartz, whose properties include arousal of awareness of the beauty of nature, creative inspiration, and absorption of harmful vibrations, enlivening of the mind and hastened recovery from illness.

Mind: These people unwittingly make others jealous. It’s just something they generate in the air. The fault lies in the feeler, not the felt about. August 1 should be prepared for this. A little steeliness is recommended.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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