Is it your birthday today? 2nd August



Born today on the 2nd, August

Ultra-creative, blessed with good looks and often extremely long legs, August 2 goes in pursuit of three goals: love, money and children. With all three achieved, both sexes remain content to pass up other interests or temptations. If they have to drop one, it will be money, because although this individual likes money, wants money, he also knows how to live well without it. Both sexes are enormously resourceful when financially deprived, can make a home look grand with a couple of twigs and their own imagination, and put a meal together whose originality, deliciousiocity and inexpensively is breath taking. Children are at the centre of this birthday’s heart. They want lots of them. And when they do have them they spend hours playing, dressing-up in silly clothes and generally making small people happy. When the children grow up and leave home, August 2 isn’t really sad, because he and she have done their job and they reason that if a child stayed with them for ever it just wouldn’t be good for him. While they are growing up, August 2 is very helpful with schooling and guidance, but not at all interested in having successful children as a good reflection on them. Surprisingly, many of these creatures are not devoted grandparents, preferring to love mostly from a distance while they get on with other things. This day suffers from the hypochondriacal streak common to lions and lionesses. A temperature is always a fever. A headache a migraine. A stubbed toe is a broken toe. Pop down to the supermarket with them and they quickly wander away from your trolley, scurrying to the medical shelves and vitamin remedies which they read with gullible fascination and then buy and try. So naturally if August 2 has any difficulty conceiving children there’s a great deal of turmoil. There are many options to explore and brilliantly kind doctors to consult, and the goal should be achieved.

Body: If you are plagued with chickweed, take advantage and cook it, as it is a healthy meal for August 2. Chick weed tastes like cress, was grown in Tudor vegetable gardens and sold as a vegetable on market days until the turn of this century. Smells wonderful while cooking and very good fresh in salads and sandwiches. To cook, wash it well and cut off straggly bits. Don’t add any extra water, but do add a pinch of salt, a knob of butter and chopped shallots or chives. Simmer gently until tender – about 8 to 10 minutes. Something to surprise and amuse the palate, which costs nothing.

Mind: Since you are one of the strongest, healthiest days of the year, anxiety over a possible illness may be more a tendency to worry than something that’s really there. Check with your doctor, then try to relax.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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