Is it your birthday today? 4th August



Born today on the 4th, August

This is a birthdate when the Leo potential preoccupation with privilege and snobbery is turned upon its head. August 4 people always side with the underprivileged, the poor against the rich, worker against employer. In short this baby has revolutionary tendencies. He or she will mock established systems, hierarchies and social cliques. They are dangerously upsetting to puffed-up social toads and if they seduce a partner from a blue blood background, fitting in will not be the aim. Disruption is the game. Handle with care. Nevertheless, there is no one runnier, or more attractive. They remind others what a simple addiction to right and wrong is like, how uncomfortable it can occasionally be. And there is nobody you would prefer on your side. It is possible for them to go far. It is usually best when they seek employment in a creative field. August 4 in a dance company, on the stage, putting on any kind of show, has the opportunity for creative innovation. Running his or her own business is also OK-ish, just as long as he can be restrained from hitting late debt payers. (This individual can only grasp the business strategy of tardy payment if he is doing it himself.) In big corporations they may also rise because of their natural leadership and facility to stay with the cutting-edge of contemporary thinking. But the slightest attempt by those in high places to double-cross the workforce, and appallingly true pieces of gossip about the company chairman’s misuse of the company helicopter to entertain the company chairman’s mistress will zip its way into everybody’s computer screen. By forty, most August 4 people will be well established, likely to own a home, maybe a couple of cars, a caravan. Even the most rebellious individual has a flare for money-making. But then this person may throw it all up and simply walk away in search of another life.

Body: The women do suffer from cellulite. The men, only rarely. Here is a solution female August 4 can use and male August 4 can tell his friends about. Scrubbing is thought to be one of the best ways to prevent cellulite and it can also help eliminate it. One of the best recipes is the ginger juice rub-down. Grate one large ginger root, then squeeze the gratings through a cheesecloth. Dip a warm, moist scrubbing cloth in the juice. Ginger is both a stimulant to the circulation and a potent purifier. (Ginger can cause burning or irritation, so test before using it all over.)

Mind: Get into the country. Breathe fresh, clean air, take hikes, and wash your face in cold water. Eat simply. Learn about purification from the earth by existing in harmony with nature.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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