Is it your birthday today? 6th August



Born today on the 6th, August

Some people are made to create beautiful gardens. There’s nothing stuffy about the lawns and flowerbeds that August 6 makes lovely. No little snobberies about not growing flowers at all. No exclusion of a rose because she is a hybrid. Nor will this gardener faint dead away if he finds a gladiolus. Both sexes generally ignore the U and non-U list of garden plants because they feel that anybody who gets incredibly het up about whether a flower is socially acceptable has probably gone lupins. But it’s true to say that August 6 likes to make a garden not only pleasing to the human eye and nose, but pleasing and useful, to all the other creatures who live in it. They charm butterflies to stay for a while with gorgeous bushes of purple and blue fragrant buddleia. And intertwine roses with honeysuckle, so powerful that bees and wasps, becoming drunk on the nectar, lurch away to doze in the grass, exactly in the path of bare human feet. Cherry trees and vines provide humans with something to pick at, but also sweet things for robin redbreasts and thrushes to steal. There will be plums, some for us and some for the squirrels. And apples for blue tits to swing on and the tiny, dull brown but musically endowed dunnock to peck. Both sexes like to entertain in their garden, when it will seem strewn with recumbent figures, lying about on cushions and dreamily consuming more chilled wine than you would have thought possible for any human being to do. There will be swinging seats for adults to play on and paddling pools for every age. And elaborate tents to keep the sun off, made from silks, laces and velvets and any old pretty thing, all sewn and safety pinned together that morning to look like the summer garden palace of an eastern potentate. Of course, if you’ve just got the one window- box, it’s more of a challenge.

Body: This gorgeous concoction makes guests feel as if they’re in a country garden, even if they’re not. Le Grand Dessert Troisgros: 600ml vanilla ice cream; 300ml strawberry sorbet; 300g strawberries, 12 plums, 500g pears and 500g peaches, poached in syrup, sugar and water, flavoured with vanilla; raspberry syrup, made from jam with a squeeze of lemon or lime to freshen; double cream. Place vanilla ice cream in centre of shallow round dish. Crown it with sorbet. Arrange fresh and poached fruits around outside and pour the syrup over the top. Pipe the outer edges of the plate with whipped cream and serve with petit fours.

Mind: August 6 makes the garden gorgeous, or a window-box, or pots in the backyard, because it’s one of the best ways you can find of being nice to other people. While pleasing yourself.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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