Is it your birthday today 2nd June?

Born on 2nd June….Happy Birthday!

Born today on the 2nd, June : There’s something of the collector about this day, an unusual characteristic for the star sign. Perhaps it’s the strong individualistic streak, combined with a pickiness and that restless energy which drives them always to look further for new delights. June 2 may combine a love for travel with the collecting. But it is more likely to be home-grown.

In some cases the collecting instinct is so highly developed that this individual becomes a successful dealer or even an expert in his or her chosen field. But it usually starts from small beginnings. This individual has the magpie’s love for pretty, often sparkling things, so the collection may be of Victorian and Edwardian glassware, which can still be found at cheap prices, yet respected enough to have its own gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Or it may be precious and semi-precious stones, in which case June 2 can combine the collector’s hunt while holidaying: in Scotland for quartz and amethyst; Wales for garnets; Cornwall for iron pyrites, (fools’ gold) and in the Pennines for pretty green or white fluorite, which is often translucent in ultraviolet light.

It’s not unlikely that June 2 may also become a people collector. They have complicated needs and many create a circle of lovers, all secret from each other, to answer the variety of demands. This pleases creatures born on this day, because they adore secrecy – it excites them – and will try to live their life laced with this clandestine commodity. Expect June 2 to confide in you, but swear you to silence. Expect private notes, or at work, messages on the e-mail that are coded so that only you understand. Expect to get engaged to this character, but for nobody to know about it. Have a child and the event is not publicised. A wedding may be a secret adventure, suddenly dreamed up and accomplished. It all adds up to an exciting life, full of surprises.

Body : This date has a tendency to sore throats, perhaps a result of vulnerability to colds. Usually the throats go away, but can get naggy when June 2 is tense, under work pressure, moving house, during pregnancy, or in those exhausting early months with a new baby. Check with your doctor, but usually it helps to drink lots of water and gargle with hot water and salt, disgusting hut it works. Gargle with TCP or ask your local pharmacist to suggest a remedy.

Mind : There’s a time for acquisitiveness and a time for ridding yourself of the burden of belongings.

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