Is it your birthday today? 8th August



Born today on the 8th, August

These people don’t know the meaning of ‘depression’, which makes them perfect candidates for a career in politics and any other competitive profession. If August 8 loses a deal or a battle, he thinks it through carefully and of course he’s sorry. But his attitude is simply to take a few lessons from the failure and play the game more subtly the next time. A lot of sportsmen claim this birthdate and both sexes are naturally athletic, likely to be tall and long limbed and very strong physically. Their frequent solution to work fatigue, or indeed a lost deal, is to go and have a game of tennis or golf. Both sexes play good golf, the women realising today what extraordinary opportunities there are for networking as they walk the course. Highly sexed, they choose their partners judiciously. Most will prefer to associate with someone who is both wealthy and influential, putting beauty, wit and trendiness well down the shopping list. They love easily and they stay faithful. And just because they are sexually charged, both the men and women, can make a success of marriage to, say, a much older partner. Just as long as the older partner is loaded. This is not at all cynical in the end. Because August 8 may be drawn by the marital opportunity to step up the social ladder, but genuine devotion follows, bringing joy to all. In truth this individual is essentially kind, with a deep sense of honour, and if he can do someone a good turn, he will. If he causes hurt, he is mortified, yet puzzled because, lacking the habit of introspection, he can’t quite work out how it happened. Although some August 8 people will stay very happily childless for one reason or another, both sexes make excellent parents. The women may have to spend some time as a single parent, which they accomplish with grace and courage. The right man usually comes along.

Body: You start the day fresh, but by mid-morning your mouth is dry and irritation has descended. Try blaming breakfast. Some nutrients have drug-like qualities, causing mood swings and fatigue. Carbohydrate snacks are commonly taken for energy boosting. They bring a rise in the brain’s level of serotonin, a powerful chemical associated with mood, sleep, aggression, sexual behaviour and appetite. Sometimes the pick me up works in reverse. In extreme cases ankles can swell, vision blurs and there is an overwhelming urge to lie down and sleep. So much more is known nowadays about the allergic effects of food. Check with an expert.

Mind: Music is the perfect enhancer for August 8. It creates a feeling of well-being, enhances creative thinking and you will find that as you listen, something or someone you have been trying to remember will come back to you.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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