Is it your birthday today? 9th August



Born today on the 9th, August

These are extremely persuasive individuals, with buckets of reassuring charm. August 9 is clever, serious and innovative, with a genuine desire to make the world a better place. You will very often find them in medicine, science, teaching and writing where they may become famous for new breakthroughs. If they turn to the visual arts there will be murals, or sculptures for public places and hospitals, maybe stations, which are primarily constructed to give enjoyment, not to shock. August 9 is a jolly person whose artistic view is not ultra-challenging – neither better nor worse for that. Both sexes may be drawn to medicine from an early age. If this is so, how lucky they are to pursue a career to which they are dedicated. It will be cruel and pointless for anybody around them to try to put them off. Far better to discuss if a teenager wishes to end up as a GP, or a hospital specialist. The former doesn’t necessarily come second to the latter. And then, which particular speciality fascinates them. At present it looks as if virology and the study of the brain are going to be areas of high hospital employment in the 21st century. The men’s reassuring manner helps them lead others. They make audiences listen, and that also means children in a school class. August 9 makes science lessons as fascinating as The X-Files, social studies as enchanting as Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and literature something to enjoy and be proud of. Kids will always remember this individual, and in adulthood look back with grateful affection. The women are as likely to be a surgeon as a hairdresser, but when babies arrive, hairdresser may be a more practical alternative. Surgeons regularly work all night. If it’s a hairdresser’s, or any kind of service shop – perhaps a beauty parlour or a baker with ovens at the back – August 9 will make it very special.

Body: This date is not plagued by health problems, but may suffer from sleeplessness. When you are very tired, new projects or indeed almost anything seems an enormous challenge. Worse still, fatigue induces worries that the world doesn’t like you, anxieties about things in the home left undone and telephone calls not made. A good night’s sleep fixes all this. A few drops of aromatherapy oil, lavender is ideal, can help you achieve this. Sprinkle on the pillow, or for a more lasting effect, sprinkle on a piece of cotton and place it inside the pillowcase so that the aroma seeps through.

Mind: You deserve a glamorous slamming pick-me-up. Try a Martini. Mix 2 parts dry vermouth, I part gin, and cracked ice in a shaker until frost forms. Strain into chilled cocktail glass, garnish with stuffed olive or lemon rind.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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